Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 650

Two companies, one is Optimus Giant, a behemoth that people can only look up to, and the other is a rising star, but still weak and small. These two companies will actually target each other.
It’s incredible.
They not only laughed at Lin’s overpowering ability, but also felt that the Linglong Group was making a fuss, and it was all about using cannons to beat mosquitoes.
Too much worthy of the Lin Group.
In the same way, no matter what was said outside, Long Linger also ignored her, insisting on her decision, using the energy of the entire Linglong Group to block the Lin Group!
Stop their plan to go north!
This is like a storm, causing a sensation in the entire business circle.
The focus of many people suddenly shifted from the underground circle of the East China Sea to the struggle of the above-ground circle.
Under the surging of the dark tide, many people began to move secretly.
North, suburbs.
Ghost in the bamboo forest.
In that quiet little courtyard, in the rolling curtain of the tea house, it seems that a kind of tea has been changed, and the fragrance has become different.
“Lord, the two of them have lost contact. I’m afraid they are dead.”
“Can you have feedback?”
“No, there is no news, maybe it’s too late, maybe… nothing was tempted out.”
“Huh, idiot!”
The voice of the person behind the rolling curtain suddenly cooled down.
“Tell me how stupid this is by killing Long Ling’er of the Long Family! Now is not the time to arouse the vigilance of the wealthy family!”
The man kneeling outside did not dare to say a word.
The Lord said that they can use all methods. They always only listen to commands and only want the results, regardless of the means or methods used.
Obviously, the assassination of Long Ling’er is not within the Lord’s consideration. Even if the two people are not dead, they will undoubtedly die when they come back!
“I have received news from other channels. The person in the East China Sea is not from the north, let alone that person.”
The Lord said, “In this case, don’t worry about it for the time being. Your point is to stare at the big families in the north, especially those rich families!”
He just got the news that the god of war is currently abroad, and he is in violent conflict with the king of the killer organization, and the fight is so dark!
All major forces in the world have received news, and others have confirmed it with their own eyes!
In this way, the person in the East Sea can be sure that it is not that person. As for whether it is still related to the wealthy families in the north, he can only look for opportunities and try again.
In any case, that trace of speculation can be temporarily relieved.
The people outside the rolling curtain knelt, waiting for the Lord’s command.
“As long as the time is right, do it right away!”
The figure disappeared, and the fragrance of tea grew stronger and stronger.
Gradually, there were waves of insects and birds in the distance, which seemed to suddenly become a paradise.
“Since you are not from the north, not that person, who are you?”
“No matter who you are, don’t get in my way, otherwise…”
In an instant, the birds called and the insects cried and stopped abruptly!
An extremely cold murderous aura swept across the entire yard in an instant, making the insects and birds tremble with fright, and did not dare to make another sound.

Jiang Ning is taking Brother Dog and others, escorting the ashes of Eighteen to go home.
He was holding a mobile phone in his hand, and A Fei’s voice came from the phone.
“Brother, you have already executed it according to your order. The killer organized the one to take action, but he said, this favor requires you to pay it back.”

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