Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 703

Yang Ming felt that his legs were trembling!
Jiang Ning wants global market data!
Domestically, they can make it public, but the international data is firmly controlled by major international brands. After all, there are no domestic products that can hit the international market.
He didn’t dare to take those things out easily, but he didn’t dare to offend Jiang Ning.
“Mr. Jiang…”
Yang Ming’s Adam’s apple slipped.
“Do you have any other data?”
Jiang Ning turned his head and glanced at him.
“No, no.”
“Or, Director Yang has difficulties here? If there are difficulties, it doesn’t matter. I don’t like the difficulties of strong people the most.”
Jiang Ning stretched out his hand and pushed the U disk out.
“No difficulty! No difficulty! I’ll go back and prepare now.”
Yang Ming dared to say that there was a problem, so he hurried out and called Jiang Li. He didn’t dare to take control of such a big matter easily.
Lin Yuzhen, who was sitting there, was already dumbfounded.
She only thought about the market data in the northern part of China, in order to prepare for entering the northern market right now, but Jiang Ning… has even considered the foreign market together?
Before Lin had a firm foothold in the country, he wanted to rush to the international market!
His vision is too long.
“Jiangning, do you think we, Lin, will definitely become a multinational corporation.”
Lin Yu said seriously.
“Do not,”
Jiang Ning stretched out a finger and shook it, “It’s the Trans-Universal Group. The northern market, and even the domestic market, are too small for me.”
What else can Lin Yu really say, can only worship.
What can Gao Yali’s sister and brother say, can only worship.
At the same time.
Yang Ming hurried back to the research institute as quickly as possible, and Jiang Li had already arrived one step ahead of him.
The expressions of the two people seemed to be the end of the world, panicking.
“What data does he want?”
Jiang Li quickly said.
Jiang Feng called her again just now. If she doesn’t take care of the matter, Jiang’s family will really be gone!
Yang Ming called on the road and asked his subordinates to sort it out. At this moment, he took out the U disk: “It’s all here!”
“But, Mr. Jiang, there are a lot of these. It is the data of those big brands, including your Sri Lanka. If you give it to Lin…”
Yang Ming felt that Jiang Li might have to follow in the footsteps of Chen Gong and be swept out!
Jiang Li snorted, no matter where he could manage these, he grabbed the U disk in his hand, and the whole person was in a trance.
Sweeping out?
It’s pretty good to be fucking alive!
Jiang Li walked to the entrance of the research institute and looked up from a distance. Jiang Ning and the others hadn’t come yet, but she knew that there could be no more problems with her attitude, otherwise…
Suddenly she knelt on the ground with both knees, facing the door, with a respectful face, “This is my attitude of admitting mistakes!”
This kneeling shocked Yang Ming.
That’s Jiang Li!
It’s from the northern family, Jiang’s family!
Even in the future, as the only daughter, Jiang Li will definitely be the heir of the Jiang family and the next Patriarch, but at this moment, she is kneeling here to greet Jiang Ning.
Just to express my apologies?
Yang Ming’s breathing almost stagnated, his legs softened, and he didn’t know if he wanted to kneel down.
“Mr. Jiang…you represent Slenko, you kneel like this…”
Yang Ming trembled, “I’m afraid Slanka won’t let you go.”
This is not only damaging the reputation of such a major international brand as Silanka, it is simply slamming Silanka’s face on the ground!
If Jiang Li doesn’t say a word, it’s better than death, right?
Isn’t it better than the entire Jiang family collapsed overnight?
She knelt there, straightened up, waiting for Jiang Ning to arrive, she must let Jiang Ning see her attitude of admitting her mistakes.
As time passed, Yang Ming stood at the door, waiting anxiously, while Jiang Li knelt there, motionless, looking at it, it really looked like a statue!
From a distance, a car drove over.
Yang Ming’s eyes lit up suddenly, it was Jiang Ning’s car!

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