Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 731

I don’t know how many people have arranged a means secretly, and they all want to take this opportunity to eat meat and soup when Lin’s fall at the last two passes, and divide Lin’s resources.
Who would have thought that Lin’s breakthrough!
And the only thing they can think of is the Long Family, it must be the Long Family!
Several people from the big family were sitting together with ugly faces, looking at each other, but they were speechless.
This result is too surprising and even more frightening. I can’t see through the north. It seems that there are many people in the north, and they still want Lin to enter the northern market.
In other words, they are not supporting the Lin family, but supporting the Long family!
“Patriarch, our property has been attacked and suffered heavy losses!”
A member of the family surnamed ran up, anxious and fearful.
“Patriarch, the eldest master is dead! Died in the smelly ditch…”
Another member of the family surnamed hurriedly came, crying.
“Patriarch! Patriarch! Several items under our name were suddenly checked…”
Hearing this one by one news, the faces of the heads of the families of the big names became more and more ugly.
Fear, regret, unwillingness, anger, and confusion…
They have no idea what has become of the north.
Their opponents, their enemies, who are they, and who they are, want to kill them all at once!
At that time.
Jiang Ning bought the teahouse, he was drinking tea leisurely.
“Brother, it’s all resolved. All those who participated in secretly attacking Lin’s employees, and all those who tried to destroy Lin’s against Lin’s employees, disappeared.”
After the dog brother finished speaking, he stopped talking, took the other people again, and disappeared into the darkness.
Jiang Ning said, this time going north, it was their name. When the world remembered them, Brother Gou knew what this meant.
Jiang Ning poured a cup of tea for Li Dong.
“The obstacles have been cleared. What other problems does Lin’s channel go northward?”
As long as there are problems, Jiang Ning will solve them all.
Li Dong was a little excited, and even more excited.
I don’t know how to describe the kind of pleasure that follows Jiang Ning.
Anyway, cool!
“Then prepare to inform Yuzhen that Lin’s goods can go north, I think, those who have been staring at Lin’s are looking forward to it more than us, right?”
Jiang Ning narrowed his eyes and said lightly.
He wants to stir up the situation in the north, and want those big family families to put themselves at risk!
He wants those top wealthy families to suspicion each other and fight each other!
He wants the whole north, earthshaking!
There is really a big earthquake in the north.
In a short period of time, the Lin clan broke through five important hurdles one after another, opened up the channel to go north, and caused more than a dozen families with big names to suffer heavy losses and fell from the clouds.
Such terrible strength makes people feel terrified!
Especially, it is even more suspicious that the battle between the Lin family and the Linglong Group is itself a double force.
It is the Long Family who is ambitious!
It was the Long Family who wanted to dominate the north, and they wanted to step on other families of the common surname to reach the top. They wanted to eliminate the dissidents in the Linglong Group.
In the entire northern family, everyone is in danger now, especially those who occupy a small amount of resources in the Linglong Group, and they are even more anxious.
Liu Hong is most uncomfortable now.
He is like a monkey, impatient and unable to hold back, where is the calmness and calmness he had before.
When he arrived at the agreed bamboo forest, but never saw the person he wanted to see, Liu Hong became more and more anxious.
“Why haven’t you come?”
He can’t help but rush.
He asked Cheng Feng to deliberately collect the raw materials and sell them to the Lin family, hoping to encourage the Lin family to go northward, and take this opportunity to destroy the Lin family so that he can get what he wants.
But wherever I thought, Lin actually did it!
He felt that his face was about to be swollen.
What made Liu Hong even more scared was that behind Lin’s family might really be the Long Family, and his actions would make people think that he was from the Long Family!
This is a capital crime!
“Why haven’t you come yet?”
Liu Hong really wanted to cry.
Suddenly, a figure flashed by and suddenly appeared. Standing in front of Liu Hong, the dazzling red cloud tattoo on his neck shocked Liu Hong and his face instantly paled.
“How, how are you!”

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