Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 753

Song Xiaoyu smiled and waved his hand to let his subordinates send all these guests away.
He followed Jiang Ning back to the VIP room with red eyes.
It is difficult to become a Patriarch. Not only do you have to compete in the family, but you also have to find a way to build your prestige so that you can be recognized by the entire North.
Otherwise, even if you are the owner of the house, no one will give face!
Since he became the Patriarch of the Song family, few people have admitted to him. After all, he had no sense of existence before.
But now, who would dare to despise Song Xiaoyu?
“Mr. Jiang, thank you very much, Song Xiaoyu’s life, from now on, is yours!”
He arched his hands and bowed respectfully.
Today, Jiang Ning is deliberately fulfilling him, so that he can be justified, become the Patriarch of the Song family, and establish a foothold in the north.
Stand firm!
“I said, follow me, there are only responsibilities and obligations, no power, you are ready.”
Jiang Ning said calmly, “I’ll wait and see.”
“Mr. Jiang, rest assured, Xiaoyu will definitely not let you down!”
Jiang Ning nodded and said nothing.
In the north, he needs a stronghold, a family of northern surnames, to do things for him, so that he can disintegrate from within.
Song Xiaoyu is undoubtedly the most suitable candidate right now.
Jiang Ning believed that Song Xiaoyu knew that if he could give him everything, he could easily take it back!
Jiang Ning took Li Dong and Gou Ge to leave.
And Song Xiaoyu restrained his emotions and immediately carried out actions.
The road to the rise of the Song family, the road to rebirth of the Song family, begins today!
Song Xiaoyu felt very proud that his Song family was fortunate to be one of the helpers of this northern reform and this mighty torrent.
Especially, being able to do things with someone like Jiang Ning.
Even death is worth it.
At that time.
The Zhou family and the Wu family still got together, did not separate, went directly to the Wu family to discuss.
This incident hit them too much!
At this moment, the news has spread. The two fathers and sons knelt down and apologized to the Song family. This is a shame!
“I want them to die!”
Wu Hongwei gritted his teeth.
Wu Hongwei threw the cup angrily, and debris scattered on the ground.
Zhou Shen did not speak, but his face was equally ugly.
This kind of shame and shame, his Zhou family, I am afraid it can’t be washed away.
Not only has he lost an important hurdle, he has lost a stable source of resources, and now he is stepped on to the top. What face does he have?
“Kill them? You put it simply! How did you do it? That is a master above the master level!”
There was a moment of silence, Zhou Shen couldn’t help saying.
He looked at Wu Hongwei: “That Yang Xu said, let us leave, don’t provoke the Song family, why don’t you listen, let my Zhou family follow you ashamed!”
Yang Xu said it a long time ago, but Wu Hongwei didn’t listen.
Isn’t he Zhou Shen still cynical?
Asking again at this moment made Wu Hongwei even more angry.
“Is my Wu family embarrassing you?”
He laughed angrily, “Zhou Shen, you old thing, your Zhou family is useless, it’s my shit?
“Wu Hongwei!”
Zhou Shen stood up, “At this time, I advise you not to mess with me!”
“Am I still afraid that you won’t succeed?”
Wu Hongwei is crazy, “If it weren’t for your Zhou family, would my Wu family be ashamed? How can I still gain a foothold in the north now!”
The two quarreled a few words and became angry.
Originally wanted to discuss how to deal with the Song family and Jiang Ning, but in the end they almost fought and broke up.
Wu Hongwei cursed, “I still want to join a family of first-class surnames. Is the Zhou family down to beg for food?”
“My Wu family, even if I die, I will never bow to others!”
His voice echoed throughout the hall, and no one dared to enter.
Zhou Shen just mentioned that he wanted the Wu family and Zhou family to use the last remaining resources to exchange for the masters of the first-class family, but Wu Hongwei refused.
They could have gone a step further in a few years and became a first-class family of noble surnames, but now they are going to join a first-class noble family?
After that, how can they still be qualified to become a first-class family!

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