Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 775

Lin Yuzhen’s face suddenly turned pale.
“Kill her!”
A voice came from among a dozen people, pointing directly at Long Ling’er who was about to escape.
With an order, the crowd separated automatically, and they ran away from both sides. They had been prepared long ago to prevent Long Ling’er from having the slightest escape route!
Seeing that the road in front of him was blocked, and there was no way to go on the left and right sides, Long Linger panicked.
These people just want to kill themselves!
There are many enemies in her, and there are also many enemies in the Long Family. Since childhood, she has experienced many assassinations in the north, but she has never worried because there are always guards to help her solve them and protect her safety.
Even many dangers have been solved before she found out!
But today, she came out alone, deliberately leaving her bodyguards aside, just wanting to see Lin Yuzhen alone, but she was spotted no matter where she thought of it.
There is no way to escape, Long Ling’er can only retreat, trying to hide in the car.
At least in that confined space, there is still a sense of security, and there is still a chance to wait until the bodyguard comes to rescue myself——
If they haven’t seen themselves for a long time, they will definitely follow them!
“Escape? Where do you want to escape?”
The masked Wei Ming snorted coldly, “Miss Long, stop struggling, no one will come to rescue you today.”
“Your bodyguards were killed by me on the road!”
His words caused Long Ling’er’s heart to sink suddenly.
“Today, no one in the Long Family knows that you are out, even if you do, when they come, there is only your body here.”
Wei Ming didn’t worry at all, looking at Long Ling’er, who was pale.
“Who are you guys!”
Long Ling’er leaned against the car door and shouted sharply.
She looked at these masked people, at least listened to the voices, she had never heard them.
No matter it was in the Linglong Group, or the people in contact with them, there was no such voice.
Who is going to kill himself?
“It doesn’t matter who we are, what matters is who you are!”
Wei Ming sneered, “Your Long Family is too domineering and too greedy, so if you kill someone who shouldn’t be killed, you have to pay the price, your life, this is just a warning.”
He beckoned: “Stop talking nonsense, let Miss Long go on the road.”
Seeing someone take out a dagger, Long Linger’s face became paler and colder in his hands.
Suddenly, a fragile but unusually firm and brave voice came.
Lin Yuzhen rushed out of the car, ran to Long Ling’er, stood in front of her, looked at Wei Ming and others, “You can’t kill her!”
Looking at Lin Yuzhen’s back, Long Linger’s eyes instantly turned red.
At this juncture of life and death, does Lin Yu really dare to rush out to protect herself?
Is she crazy!
Does she feel that the people who are going to kill herself in front of her are all fake? She will die!
“one left,”
Wei Ming narrowed his eyes slightly.
“Lin’s people, Lin Yuzhen?”
“You Lin seems to be rivals with this Linglong Group, why do you want to protect her.”
Lin Yu really gritted her teeth and said, “Because she is innocent!”
Wei Ming burst out laughing.
The dead, who is not innocent.
People in this world are all innocent, but some people deserve to die, even if they didn’t do any bad things, just because of his birth, because of his identity, that is sin!
“You leave! Lin Yuzhen, you leave me!”
Long Linger shouted, “I don’t need your protection, you let me go!”

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