Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 777

This punch is faster!
More fierce!
More domineering!
He hit Wei Ming’s chest heavily, and almost instantly, he sank his chest to the ground. Wei Ming’s whole body was like a kite with a broken line, flying out dozens of fans, falling to the ground, opening his mouth and vomiting blood.
That face has turned pale, and his eyes are full of horror!
too frightening!
When in the north, there was another such terrible master.
He fell to the ground, his mask dropped, his hair was messy, and the corners of his mouth were full of blood. He looked at Jiang Ning fearfully, and took a deep breath, ignoring the fracture of his breastbone. The horror in his eyes became more solemn.
“San Ye…you killed it?”
Wei Ming reacted instantly.
He checked the corpses that were often in the mountains, and there were eighteen bones broken!
They were all broken by violence. Isn’t such a violent and domineering fist exactly what the young man in front of him was performing?
What is even more shocking is that the internal organs of Chang Zaishan have been shattered a lot. How terrible is Jiang Ning’s fist!
Seeing Jiang Ning like a tyrannosaurus, Lin Yu was really frightened. She didn’t expect such a thing to happen. Almost, she would never see Jiang Ning again.
And Long Ling’er fell to the ground, she was so scared that she had no energy.
She watched Jiang Ning transform into a mad dragon in order to save Lin Yuzhen, and the anger and murderousness on her face were all because of Lin Yuzhen.
“kill him!”
A dozen other people were squeezed. Wei Ming couldn’t handle a single move. He was severely injured and fell to the ground. That was the strongest expert among them.
But at this moment, they don’t care so much. If they don’t kill Jiang Ning, they will not be able to kill Long Ling’er and Lin Yuzhen, and they will not be able to complete the orders that are often explained in Yuan. That is a capital crime!
More than a dozen people rushed to Jiangning, but they flew out at a faster speed, killing them instantly!
Jiang Ning didn’t show any mercy, his iron fist roared, and even the air trembled faintly.
Every time he punches, Wei Ming is frightened!
Almost desperate!
“Grandmaster…no! Not just…”
Wei Ming’s lips were trembling, and he seemed to suddenly understand why such a tough master who often lived in the mountain would be beaten to the ground with no power to resist and die so miserably.
His opponent is terrible!
In the face of a strong man like Jiang Ning, is there anyone in the entire North who can fight him?
Wei Ming immediately thought of those old guys who hadn’t made any shots for many years, I’m afraid… not necessarily!
“You…who are you!”
Wei Ming clutched his chest, looked at Jiang Ning who was walking towards him step by step, and shouted sharply.
Jiang Ning didn’t bother to talk nonsense at all, and smashed Wei Ming’s head with a punch!
“Dead, you don’t need to know!”
The anger on his face has not disappeared, and he dared to really start with Lin Yu. This is a capital crime and there is no room for negotiation.
At this moment, he is completely the invincible God of War!
God blocks and kills gods, devil blocks and punishes demons!
Who dares to hurt the woman he cherishes most, Jiang Ning will not be the slightest polite, even if it is the king of heaven, he will crush the other’s head!
There is a faint smell of blood in the air, and the wind blows, making people a little nauseous.
Lin Yu really had a pale face, standing in front of the car door, motionless.
It was the first time that she saw Jiang Ning like this, so violent, so crazy!
Just because those people just wanted to kill themselves!
Seeing Jiang Ning coming, Lin Yuzhen trembled, biting his lip hard, but his voice was very soft.
“Yes, I’m sorry…”
She didn’t listen to Jiang Ning’s words, didn’t wait for him at the airport obediently, but followed Long Ling’er, and deliberately concealed Jiang Ning.
So I almost lost my life!
Jiang Ning said that he didn’t allow himself to be involved, but this time, he didn’t listen to him.
He must be angry.
Seeing Jiang Ning’s expression, he is not just angry!
Before Lin Yu said the truth, Jiang Ning took her into his arms, his voice low.
“You terrified me, do you know it!”

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