Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 78

The company had just encountered a serious crisis, and many people even couldn’t hold on to it and took the opportunity to resign and leave. They even were still here. They just got the resignation report in their hands. At this moment, the whole person suddenly became stupid.
In less than half an hour, how much did they lose!
Their intestines are all regretful.
Jiang would rather ignore them.
When he returned to the office, Lin Yu couldn’t help taking a deep breath. She really didn’t know Jiang Ning’s decision.
However, a 50% salary increase is more convincing than anything, allowing employees to work harder and work more at ease.
“Jiang Ning, your boss is really generous.”
Lin Yu really pouted.
She and Lin Wen, to put it bluntly, is to work for Jiangning, such a big company, not all Jiangning.
“My wife’s salary has to go up too.”
Jiang Ning smiled and took out his card, “Keep this one as pocket money.”
Lin Yu really took a look. It was the same black card as before, and he didn’t know how much money was in it.
“Then how do you use it?”
She deliberately got angry and snorted, “I have given all the money, so I am not afraid that I will abscond with the money?”
“I still have.”
Jiang Ning raised his hand, exactly the same black card, and took out several more in his hand.
Lin Yu really didn’t speak anymore.
She really has the urge to choke Jiang Ning to death. How rich is this bastard?
That card first bought two cars for one million, and then bought Su Mei and the others for more than 100,000 yuan. It seems that in Jiang Ning’s eyes, spending these money is no different from spending a few cents.
He never blinked from beginning to end.
“You just said that there is only one Lin in the East China Sea?”
Lin Yuzhen changed the subject and didn’t want to struggle with the question of how much money Jiangning had. Anyway, he must be more than himself.
Jiang Ning nodded gently.
“Are you planning to shoot against Lin?”
Lin Yu was really worried and asked.
“Lin? They are not qualified to let me shoot.”
Jiang Ning shook his head, “Some of the smart people are that they will see where the wind blows, so we don’t need to act.”
Lin Yu really didn’t quite understand.
She felt more and more that she had been fooled. Jiang Ning, where was a tramp, this kind of calm, wise and courageous, could not have been trained by the Beggars?
At this moment, Lin’s group is downstairs by the roadside.
Jin Ran and Lin Feng are like two dead dogs, lying on the ground unable to move.
People who passed by kept away, for fear that these two might touch porcelain.
Yu Fang, who was standing not far away, didn’t look pretty.
In fact, he did not leave, and even made preparations long ago. When Jiang Ning was forced to desperate by Jin Ran, he shot and rescued him.
But wherever he thought, there was no need for him to act, Jiang Ning solved the problem by himself.
Even Jin Ran was beaten to death!
“Yu Shao, what shall we do now?”
The subordinates also did not expect that things were not proceeding according to Yu Fang’s script.
This surprised them because Yu Fang had never missed the plan.
“Send Jin Ran back to the provincial capital.”
Yu Fang looked at the building in the distance with sharp eyes and sneered, “It seems that the pressure is not strong enough. I underestimated him, but he also made me more interested.”
He immediately ordered that Jin Ran be sent back to the provincial capital.
And Lin Feng, no one cares, still looks like a homeless man, lying on the ground, still curled up, he is so painful that he can’t speak, and he can’t move.
Soon, a stray dog ​​came over, sniffed Lin Feng’s body, immediately raised his leg, and peeed against Lin Feng’s head…

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