Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 789

Long Fei’s fierce image was instantly carved into everyone’s mind.
They have heard that this young dragon from the Long family is different from the dudes of other families. He is not weak in strength, but he is more intelligent, cruel and decisive, and unmatched in strength.
Today can be regarded as a real experience.
Even if their own strength is not weak, they are supported by big people behind them, but they dare not to face Long Fei again.
After all, there is only one life. If someone dies, what’s the point of revenge?
Seeing that the meeting room was quiet, Long Fei nodded.
To be so obedient, he would have killed a few people early.
“Linglong Group has developed to this day and has become a giant. Although this is the property of my dragon family, my dragon family can no longer completely control it.”
Long Fei said directly, “Everyone is smart, and I, Long Fei, don’t talk roundabouts.”
“There are only eternal interests and no eternal friends. I am very clear about this sentence. Therefore, there are not many requirements for everyone. You have your own abacus. I know that as long as the development of the Linglong Group With a big impact, I can open one eye and close the other.”
“But, if the ambition is too big and I can’t bear it, I’m sorry, my dragon family, I will kill it!”
Sen Leng’s murderous aura, without the slightest concealment, was directly released, causing the entire conference room to shake.
This Long Fei is too strong!
He didn’t care at all, what would happen if the Long Family provoked the anger of the crowd, anyway, the big deal would be killed!
If you really want to do something, how many people dare to go all out and smash with the Long Family?
It was a pebble hitting a rock.
However, there are a few people who can trust each other with their interests. They are all the same, with only interests in their eyes and no friends.
Long Fei had a very thorough understanding, so he dared to hold them like this, even if he really had to do it, the Long Family would lose, but others would definitely lose more!
“Don’t talk nonsense, I call everyone today to announce something,”
Long Fei snorted, “From today, Linglong Group will no longer regard Lin as an opponent. Instead, they can become friends, develop and develop together, and make the northern market bigger.”
“What? I heard that right, right.”
“Ms. Long, what you said seems to be the exact opposite of what Ms. Ling’er said before.”
“The Lin family is coming in a fierce manner. Although the industry is single, but the momentum is too strong, it is impossible to be a friend!”
Long Fei did not speak, but narrowed his eyes and stared at the few people who were talking.
The more he didn’t speak, the stronger his deterrence, so that several people who still wanted to speak, immediately shut up, not daring to say more.
“I’m not discussing with you, this is just a notice.”
Long Fei glanced around, “Who has an opinion?”
No one dared to speak.
“Very good, I hope everyone can work together to make Linglong Group develop better, so that everyone can get more.”
After speaking, he got up, turned and left without a trace of muddy water.
After Long Fei left, the meeting room exploded.
Someone threw the water cup angrily and shouted angrily: “It’s unreasonable! His Long Family is too arrogant!”
“It’s so arrogant, I didn’t put everyone in my eyes at all!”
“Support the Lin family and become friends with the Lin family? I think he is the Long Family holding his left hand and the right hand! We were tricked by the Long Family!”

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