Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 791

This is called treating one’s body according to his own way!
At first, Lin used the Long Family as a shield to prevent those people from attacking Lin, but now?
In the Linglong Group, these people who covet and resent the Long Family can’t wait to unite and overthrow the Long Family, but they dare not. What they dare to do now is to deal with the Lin Family!
Once they believe that the Lin family is the new force supported by the Long Family, they will definitely attack the Lin Family with all their strength to force the Long Family out.
As long as the Long Family admits that this Lin family is supported by them and is his Long Family’s property, the consequences will be more serious.
Not just the ordinary families with big names, even the other top wealthy families, I am afraid they will no longer sit idly by!
Can the Long Family admit it?
Long Fei was naturally a little proud, this counterattack directly pushed Lin to the position of the entire northern public enemy.
But now, the Lin family just officially entered the northern market, everything is so just right, Long Fei waited for this day, but waited for a long time.
“Do you expect my Long Family to admit it?”
Long Fei sneered, “This Lin family is not an industry supported by my Long family at all, how do we admit it?”
“Who supported it, I think this time, it should be exposed?”
Long Fei guessed that behind Lin’s family, there must be a top wealthy family, just which one it is, and now he doesn’t know, it’s not the Long family anyway.
Under such strong pressure, if the opponent does not show up, the Lin family is destined to be destroyed!
If the two sides fight fiercely, they can also help the Long Family and eradicate the dissidents in the Linglong Group.
Three birds with one stone!
Long Fei was full of contentment, and now he was watching the show quietly.
at the same time.
The expressions on the faces of the families who left the Linglong Group were very different.
Especially, those few people who were killed by Long Fei in the meeting room, and their families, are even more angry at this moment.
Qin family!
It’s only a second-rate family with a large surname, but wants to rush to the Long’s house directly to ask for an explanation.
If it weren’t for being stopped, Qin Min, the head of the Qin family, would have killed the Long family directly!
“My brother died like this?”
Qin Min was furious, “Why is his Long Family? Why is his Long Fei!”
“Patriarch, calm down, this is not the time when there is a conflict with the Long Family, then Long Fei deliberately angered us, please calm down.
The current Long Family is still that behemoth, a top-notch family, and his Qin Family is also a second-rate family with a large surname. Even if there are people behind it, everyone knows that the people behind it will only be the icing on the cake, but it will not be the icing on the cake!
Once there is a real conflict with the Long Family, they will only immediately clear the relationship so as not to be involved.
The Qin family’s big family names couldn’t be more clear.
To be a tool, one must have the consciousness of being a tool.
“Qin Wong is too uncomfortable. Long Fei has just taken office and is in control of the Linglong Group. What is he going to do to provoke Long Fei when he wants to kill the chickens and monkeys?”
“Even if we kill him, our Qin family has nothing to say, do you want my Qin family to fight the Long family to the death?”
The two big families are not at the same level at all. The Long Family may even send a master to make the Qin Family completely disappear!
Qin Min’s face was green as he sat gnashing his teeth, his fists tightly clenched, he was angry!
His own brother was killed in this way, still in front of so many people, this is not just a matter of dead individuals, it also made him lose face in the Qin family.
“Could it be that Qin Wu died in vain?”
He almost yelled, “I want the Long Family to pay the price!”

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