Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 81

Lin Xiao shivered, avoiding Lin Qiang’s eyes.
The corners of his mouth were full of blood, but he did not dare to make another sound. He was really scared of being beaten.
Lin Qiang took a deep breath, immediately changed his cell phone and dialed the number.
After a while, there was a low voice.
“Big Brother.”
Lin Qiang snorted, “Second, I am very happy in the provincial capital, do you know there is a big brother like me?”
“Brother, what’s the matter.”
Lin Wu over there sounded a little impatient.
He only listened to Lin Xiao’s words, and couldn’t talk about his feelings for his elder brother.
Lin Wu was still a little unhappy when he urged Lin Xiao and arranged for him to go to the provincial capital for development.
“Something went wrong at home.”
Lin Qiang naturally knew that Lin Wu was a little dissatisfied with himself, but he didn’t care.
He said lightly, “Dad has a stroke. I don’t know how long I can live.”
When Lin Wu heard it, his voice suddenly became louder, “How did you take care of Dad? Can you take care of Dad to have a stroke? Lin Qiang, let me tell you, if Dad has any shortcomings, I will never end with you!”
“It’s not my business?”
Lin Qiang hummed, “I am not angry.”
He was too lazy to say to Lin Wuduo: “Find time to come back by yourself. It’s too late. You may not see your dad for the last time.”
After speaking, he hung up the phone directly.
He knew very well that both Lin Wu and Lin Wen were filial sons, and could be said to be obedient to Lin Xiao.
Lin Wen is weak, but Lin Wu is very domineering. He wants to occupy all the Lin family’s property, so he can only distribute Lin Wu to the provincial capital.
He has never put Lin Wen in his eyes, but now he is very embarrassed by the Lin Wen family!
“When the second child comes back, knowing that you got a stroke of anger by the third child, what do you think he will do?”
Lin Qiang turned his head and glanced at Lin Xiao. Lin Xiao immediately closed his eyes, not daring to look at Lin Qiang.
He heard all the phone calls, but he couldn’t speak or do much.
With Lin Wu’s temper, he would definitely beat Lin Wen to death!
My own son, who is not convinced by anyone, cares about himself, and now he sees his stroke, he will definitely be furious.
It’s Lin Qiang who caused myself to be like this!
This rebellious son, this beast, he wanted Lin Wu and Lin Wen to kill each other.
At that time.
Over the phone.
Lin Wu put down the phone, his face was pale, and the cold murderous intent instantly filled his surroundings.
“Brother Wu, do you want to say no to the boss?”
The subordinates respectfully said.
“No need to refuse, I happened to be back to the East China Sea. You can check the Black Dragon’s affairs!”
On Lin Wu’s head, a few scars were shocking to see, like a few ferocious centipedes crawling.
On his arm, the blue veins violently violently, and the corners of his eyes twitched.
“Leave now!”
Lin Xiao suffered a stroke with such a big incident in the family. He didn’t know until now how the bastard Lin Qiang was in charge of such a big incident?
Regardless of so much, Lin Wu immediately led the people from the provincial capital and rushed towards the East China Sea.

Behind the suburban factory.
Dozens of clay figures are still groping.
In two days, several people had passed the first pass, but in terms of speed, they couldn’t compare with Jiangning.
The more they train, the more they know how scary these training facilities are, and the more they understand how scary Jiangning is!
Brother Gou is crazy now.
Apart from training and passing through the barriers, there was no other thoughts in his mind. Those eyes were bloodshot, and it was not that they were too tired to move and would not rest.
“Come again!”
“I don’t believe it, I can’t pass it!”
One person fell down, slapped angrily on the ground, got up again, and started again.
Especially when you see someone in front of you, it stimulates them even more.
Just two days of training has allowed them to feel obvious improvement, which is really terrible!

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