Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 82

The person in charge, Xiao Xu, specially arranged people to prepare food and water for them.
Seeing these clay figures, rolling in the mud like crazy, although I don’t understand what they are doing, they always feel very powerful.
“Brother Ning, can I participate in these trainings?”
He cautiously asked Jiang Ning who was sitting while drinking tea.
“You still do your clerical work.”
Jiang Ning glanced at him, “This plant is very profitable, and it will give you equity.”
Hearing that, Xiao Xu’s breathing is about to stagnate!
He is just a part-time worker, and he is already very happy to be the person in charge. Jiang Ning actually wants to give him equity?
“Money is earned endless,”
Jiang Ning said, “Besides, I am not short of money. Being a human being is more important.”
“Thank you Ning! Thank you Ning!”
Xiao Xu clenched his fist and said, “Don’t worry, even if I give my life, I will definitely do a good job in this factory!”
After that, he went on to work with excitement as if he had been beaten up.
Jiang Ning really doesn’t care about money.
He has enough money to spend a few lifetimes, and it doesn’t make much sense to make more money.
But if you can do something meaningful, let kind people get rewarded, and let down-to-earth people have a better life, that’s good.
He raised his head and looked not far away, the dog brothers and the others were desperate, and he knew in his heart that their foundation was very poor.
It is almost impossible to meet your own requirements.
Sufficient perseverance and tenacity is the key to Jiang Ning’s fancy.
“Is it all rubbish?”
He said loudly, “Yelling one by one to disagree with me, now? I’m not convinced!”
“It’s just such a training facility, it’s the simplest facility, it’s still like a bird for two days, you guys are very disappointing!”
“If you can’t, get out! Don’t lose your mother’s face here!”
“I’m looking for a few old ladies, they all run faster than you! If you don’t work, just admit it and say that you are a bully!”
Jiang Ning’s words irritated this group of people severely.
The person who had already had no strength and planned to take a break, at this moment, did not know where the power came from, and after beating the ground angrily, he jumped on the balance beam again.
“Although I can’t beat Big Brother, I really want to beat him!”
There is still mud in the dog’s mouth, forcing the unwillingness in his heart.
“Don’t fucking bullshit, do it and you’re done! This time it’s no more than the second level, Lao Tzu is his grandson!”
“Grandpa, fuck me failed again!”

In the evening.
Lin Wu is here.
He went directly to Lin Xiao’s villa, three cars in full, followed by more than a dozen people with fierce faces.
“Second, what do you mean? Bring so many people here.”
Lin Qiang glanced at Lin Wu, dissatisfied.
Lin Wu ignored him and walked in. A dozen people behind him pushed the security guard away at the door.
“Get away!”
Extremely overbearing!
Lin Qiang snorted and said nothing. If Lin Wu hadn’t been so domineering, he would still be a little worried that he would not be able to deal with Lin Wen’s family.
When he saw Lin Xiao lying there, his face was still a little swollen, as if he was a cripple, Lin Wu’s eyes immediately turned red.
He knelt down with a plop, grabbed Lin Xiao’s hand, and said angrily, “Who caused you to be like this! I’ll kill him!”
Lin Xiao wanted to cry, murmured her lips, and wanted to tell Lin Wu that it was Lin Qiang who was the bastard.
But he was speechless!
He raised his eyes and looked at Lin Qiang who was following him, his eyes couldn’t help but a touch of fear.
“Who else? It’s your useless trash brother, Lin Wen!”
Lin Qiang glared at Lin Xiao, a ruthless light flashed in his eyes, and Lin Xiao immediately avoided his eyes.
“You don’t know, the Lin Wen family, how miserable we are to the Lin family!”
Lin Wu’s face suddenly showed a strong killing intent!
He turned his head and stared at Lin Qiang, like a wild beast in anger.
“say clearly!”

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