Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 856

“Is there anything unusual?”
Long Xiang asked immediately.
“What’s wrong?”
“I said, apart from Jiang’s house, is there anything unusual in the entire north and other places tonight?”
Long Xiang’s voice became louder, and he felt that something was faintly wrong, “What about the Linglong Group? What about the big family? There are two other top wealthy families. Are there any abnormalities in them!”
Long Fei hurriedly said, “No!”
“No abnormality has been found so far, Dad, I’m afraid you are too worried,”
He felt that Long Xiang had made a big fuss, and the Jiang family did not make a move. It is probably because Jiang Ning was not a member of the Jiang family, so Jiang Ning died, and the Jiang family would not take it seriously.
“Since there is no way to solve the Jiang family all at once, it is not bad to be able to kill Jiang Ning.”
In this way, the so-called Forbidden Land in the East China Sea was completely wiped out, and the people behind Jiangning, who lost this power, might also be unable to restrain themselves and show their feet.
Is it the Xue family or the Pang family?
Long Xiang took a deep breath and nodded lightly.
Although things were a bit beyond their expectations, it was not a bad thing to kill Jiang Ning.
After Chang Zaiyuan integrates the forces, the next step is definitely the Jiang family!
Generally speaking, the overall situation is settled.
As long as this knife is used well, the Jiang family will be destroyed sooner or later.
“Well, at least it’s still under our control. Jiang Ning is dead, and the Jiang family won’t live long. Chang Zai Yuan won’t wait too long.”
Long Xiang said, “Okay, it’s late at night, let’s go back and rest.”
Based on his understanding of Chang Zai Yuan, I am afraid that Chang Zai Yuan could not wait for three days.
The Jiang family… even if it is immortal, it will have to suffer heavy losses!
In any case, at this move, Long Xiang knew that he had made the right move.
When Jiang Ning died, he felt relaxed a lot, otherwise, Shan Jiangning’s strength would make him feel uneasy.
Compared with the Jiang family, he was more afraid of Jiangning.
Because Long Xiang knew very well that the Jiang family had no background, and was originally just a family of Jianghu commoners, a medical family.
Apart from good luck, there seems to be no other reason to become a top wealthy family.
Had it not been for the marriage with the Xue family and relying on women for food, the Jiang family would probably be gone now.
Long Xiang was relieved.
Back in the room, he fell asleep peacefully. He knew that in three more hours, he would be able to hear the news he wanted to hear.
At that time!
Jiang family!
Outside the gate, three figures were still hidden in the darkness.
They resisted the movements of the Jiang family, and until this moment, they did not see anyone from the Jiang family come out to rescue Jiang Ning.
“It seems that Jiang Ning’s relationship with the Jiang family is not close, otherwise, the Jiang family would not be indifferent.”
One of them said, “Forget the time, Jiang Ning should be dead.”
Over there, there are Chang Zai Yuan and two or three other master-level masters, and there are even hundreds of other masters. With this lineup, let alone Jiang Ning, even the Jiang family, they will be able to level off tonight!
A few people even hesitated. If they want to listen to Chang Zaiyuan, the three of them together should be able to kill Jiang Daoran.
As long as Jiang Daoran’s father and son die, this Jiang family will not collapse in an instant?

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