Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 857

“Listen to the owner’s arrangement, we withdraw.”
The other person naturally knows other people’s ideas, but still chooses to follow the arrangement of Chang Zaiyuan.
Since Chang Jae-yuan’s order was for them to intercept and rescue Jiang Ning’s people, it means that it is not yet the time to attack Jiang’s family.
Why not stay in Jiang’s house for a few more days?
The figures of the three people quickly disappeared.
At the gate of Jiang’s house, a figure sat for a long time. Seeing the three people leave in the dark, they disappeared in a flash.
The speed is much faster than those of the three!
It was already four o’clock in the morning.
The Chang family is still brightly lit. Everyone knows that the Chang family is going to do something big tonight.
Three figures flashed past and entered the hall. They didn’t see Chang Zai Yuan and others, but saw a stranger sitting in the seat of the Patriarch of the hall, looking at them with a smile.
“Who are you!”
The three of them immediately became vigilant, stood in a defensive posture, and prepared to move.
This is Chang’s house, and strangers broke in!
“You guys are a little slow.”
Jiang Ning looked at the three people, “I have been waiting for you for a while.”
“Say, who the hell are you!”
One of the men in black shouted sharply, “Otherwise, don’t blame us for being impolite!”
“I am the one you want to kill.”
Jiang Ning threw a piece of cloth stained with blood on the table on the ground. The cloth was opened, revealing a piece of flesh, and the red cloud tattoo on it was clearly visible.
The expressions of the three people suddenly changed!
“You are Jiangning!”
Jiang Ning got up.
“it’s me,”
He stepped forward and walked towards the three people, “I don’t know, the master of the Chang family, it seems that there are still three fish slipping through the net. Since Chang Jae Yuan is dead, don’t leave them.
The faces of the three changed a lot!
Suddenly he became vigilant, and the breath on his body immediately rose up, ready to fight.
They were full of disbelief that Jiang Ning did not die, but Chang Jaeyuan died. How could this be possible?
Would Jiang Ning be so terrified!
“Don’t believe it? Go ahead and ask him and you’ll know.”
Jiang Ning moved!
Three people moved at the same time!
Jiang Ning did not show any mercy at all, exploding his strongest strength, three punches one after another, directly blasting and killing three master-level masters.
He felt the blood in his body become boiling.
Two fierce battles in one night, without the slightest feeling of fatigue, but getting more excited!
“Jiang family, only I can move,”
He glanced at the three corpses under his feet, “You, no.”
After speaking, Jiang Ning didn’t look at them again, and left without looking back.
The sky gradually lights up.
The lights of Chang’s house are still on, but it looks much dim. In the empty Chang’s house, the air is filled with a faint smell of blood…
Long Fei was in a good mood.
Even if he only slept for two hours this night, he was more energetic than usual.
The overall situation was set last night, which made him relax a lot, even for a long time, not so easy.
I don’t know what, knowing that Jiang Ning is going to die, he always feels that a stone in his heart will fall, and the Jiang family can’t hold on for long. When the Chang family takes action and severely inflicts Jiang’s family, I’m afraid there will be more people in his heart. The family has been eaten away!

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