Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 870

However, there was still a smile on his face, and he did not express the thoughts in his heart.
“My uncle was joking. Of the four top wealthy families, only the uncle’s Jiang family is new, and the influence of the Jiang family on the pattern of the north cannot be explained clearly in a few words.”
Xue Kai complimented, “Uncle is too humble.”
Jiang Daoran smiled, but he couldn’t answer this.
Especially for this kind of compliment from a younger generation, he didn’t need to accept it.
“I heard that the Jiang family had a big move recently!”
Xue Kai’s eyes lit up, staring straight at Jiang Daoran, as if to swallow him alive.
“Really, why didn’t I hear?”
Jiang Daoran turned his head again and glanced at Jiang Hai, “Jiang Hai, have you heard of it?”
“Master, Master Xue may be saying that the two Alaskan dogs you just bought are purebreds.”
Jiang Daoran slapped his head.
“Yes, yes, those two dogs are really interesting. You don’t know. I bought these two dogs and they were photographed by reporters. They posted me on the news and said it was a big move by the Jiang family. It was really funny. ”
Xue Kai opened his mouth and cursed Jiang Hai secretly in his heart. What he said about buying a dog was not like this at all.
But Jiang Daoran didn’t give a chance to talk at all. He talked a lot about buying a dog, and when it came to walking a dog, he almost couldn’t finish talking.
Xue Kai was almost impatient.
He was a little anxious, frowned slightly and said, “I heard, you found Jiang Ning?”
He said directly.
He received the news that he abruptly took the Linglong Group from the Long Family, and the man named Jiang Ning was named Jiang Ning, the child born to Jiang Daoran and his ex-wife!
Fifteen years ago, the rich and abandoned son who was driven out of the Jiang family!
Linglong Group!
Even if it is the closed Linglong Group, some of the information in it is invaluable, not to mention that the entire Linglong Group has been evacuated by Jiang Ning.
Regarding the dozen or so industrial networks involved, they are all in the hands of Jiang Ning!
If he could get a part of it, it would be enough for Xue Kai to stabilize his strength. In the future, the upper Patriarch of the Xue family, he can also be shocked by the clan.
“It’s just the same name and last name.”
Jiang Daoran said casually, “What if I find it? That beast has nothing to do with my Jiang family for a long time.”
“Uncle, you can’t say that. After all, blood is thicker than water.”
Xue Kai smiled, “Not to mention, that Jiang Ning now controls the Linglong Group, nearly half of the original industry…”
He also wanted to say that from a distance, Xue Ning walked quickly, looking very happy.
“Xue Kai!”
She exclaimed in surprise, “Really you?”
After being married to the Jiang family for fifteen years, she didn’t go back to the Xue family very often, let alone seeing these younger generations, and she missed it very much.
Xue Kai immediately got up and saluted Xue Ning, “Xue Kai has seen my aunt.”
“This kid is so restrained with my aunt.”
How could Xue Ning be unhappy, took Xue Kai’s hand, looked and looked again, “It has changed. It is a little different from the past. After spending so many years abroad, when will I come back? I don’t know why.”
“I just came back recently.”
Xue Kai said, “My aunt has not changed, she is still young and beautiful.”
“Just you will coax people, walk around, go to my aunt, and we will have a good chat.”
Xue Ning took Xue Kai to leave, “Your uncle has something to do, don’t disturb him.”
Xue Kai was a little anxious. He was not interested in chatting with Xue Ning. He just wanted to get what he wanted from Jiang Daoran as soon as possible, otherwise he would be too late, and there would be too many people watching him, and he would get nothing!

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