Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 88

“it is good.”
After a long time, he uttered a word.
No matter how unwilling he was in his heart, he had no choice.
Xu Rong was leaving early. He didn’t know the news, so he missed it.
This miss, what is lost, is everything.
“We have no objection.”
The others, seeing Wang Gao nod their heads, no longer hesitate, and hurriedly followed.
Gao Fei then laughed.
“Your decision is very wise.”
After speaking, he stood up, not wanting to waste time.
He came here this time for two things, one is to win over Wang Gao and the others, to go to his boss, and second, to investigate the affairs of the black dragon.
Now, two things are clear.
Xu Rong disagrees, then he doesn’t need to exist anymore.
The storm is coming soon.
As soon as Gao Fei walked out of the teahouse, he received a call, and his expression of triumph just now sank to the bottom in an instant.
“Brother Wu! I’ll be there soon!”
He was terrified!
Lin Wu was actually abolished?
What the hell is this Donghai City? The Black Dragon was damaged here, and now Lin Wu has also been abolished. Before he could tell Lin Wu good news, such a big thing happened.
Gao Fei hurried away. When he saw that not just Lin Wu, but the dozen or so people who followed Lin Wu, all of them had their legs broken, and his breathing almost stopped.
What the hell is going on!
“Notify the boss, send someone to come overnight! Immediately!”
Lin Wu sullenly, lying on the bed.
Gao Fei’s heartbeat was so fast, he opened his mouth to ask, but seeing the cannibalistic expression on Lin Wu’s face, he didn’t dare to ask at all.
After a pause, he said, “On the side of the Donghai Underground Circle, all but Xu Rong bowed their heads.”
Lin Wu was not in the mood to take care of Xu Rong’s affairs at all. He raised his head and glanced at Gao Fei. Sen-cold eyes were full of strong murderous intent, making Gao Fei not only a little bit shy.
The look in this ruthless person was shocking enough, but how could he be interrupted by someone?
“I know what to do.”
Gao Fei said immediately, “As soon as someone arrives, I will do it immediately!”
“There is no need for us to do it.”
Lin Wu opened his mouth at this time, and a fierce light suddenly appeared in the eyes of the dark bird, “Those who choose to bow their heads, don’t they send the name certificate?”
Gao Fei moved in his heart and nodded, “I understand.”
Seeing Gao Fei leaving, Lin Wu took a deep breath. He didn’t want to care about things here for the time being.
The annexation of the underground circle of the East China Sea will happen sooner or later. Even if they don’t do anything, other forces in the provincial capital are already watching.
Everyone wants to take a bite of such a large piece of meat.
At this moment, his mind is just one thing.
Kill Jiang Ning, kill Lin Wen’s family!
Lin Yuzhen’s family.
After finishing all the overturned furniture, Su Mei and Lin Yuzhen carefully applied medicine to Lin Wen.
He refused to go to the hospital.
Lin Wen now has a very serious expression on his face, with a sense of calmness and determination.
He was completely different from the weak and indecisive him before.
Jiang Ning took out the cigarette, remembering that this was at home and was about to take it back, but Lin Wen said, “Give me one.”
Su Mei did not object, Jiang Ning took out one and put it into Lin Wen’s mouth to help him light it.
This is probably the first cigarette that Lin Wen has smoked in many years, and after only the first puff, he coughed and blushed with choking.
Su Mei frowned, distressed.
She didn’t stop, just patted Lin Wen’s back lightly.
“You go back to the house first.”
Lin Wen said, “Jiangning, let’s go to the balcony and chat for a while.”

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