Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 886

Long Fei took a deep breath and looked up at the door of the Long Family. The huge plaque and the two characters of Long Feifengwu were handwritten by his great-grandfather and father.
But now, it was for Long Ling’er, a girl, to bear it alone.
He slapped himself severely, turned around and entered Long’s house without saying a word.
At that time.
Jiang family.
Xue Kai stayed here for one night, not because he hadn’t seen his aunt Xue Ning for too long and wanted to chat with her more, but because he didn’t get what he wanted from Jiang Daoran, he refused to leave.
Early in the morning, Xue Kai woke up, ready to wait for Jiang Daoran to get up before going to him and asking.
The big deal, he went straight to the point and said directly, in his eyes, even the Jiang family was swayed by his Xue family. Is there anything he can’t ask for?
In his heart, Jiang Daoran had never been taken seriously.
“Xue Shao, Madam invites you over for breakfast.”
The servant came over and shouted respectfully, “‘She did it earlier by herself, and waited for Shao Xue to get up.”
“Got it.”
Xue Kai was a little impatient, thinking that his aunt was really because he had no children, and some of them were stunned. He was just his nephew, not her son, and he had to pester him to do what he did.
After a casual wash, Xue Kai arrived at the restaurant. Several kinds of pastries were already placed on the dinner table.
“Woke up?”
Xue Ning was walking up with a plate of steaming dumplings, “It’s still the same as when I was a child, snooze!”
“Usually I’m too tired, but it’s not at my aunt’s house to be lazy and sleep a little longer. Don’t tell my dad.”
Xue Kai smiled, sat down, not being polite at all, picked up the chopsticks and ate.
He couldn’t help but feel a little surprised after taking a bite.
“Aunt did this all?”
In his childhood impression, Xue Ning was a young lady of the Xue family. His fingers did not touch Yang Chunshui, let alone making so many exquisite pastries, he had never even entered the kitchen.
Over the past fifteen years, Xue Ning has become so virtuous, like a different person.
“Is it delicious?”
Xue Ning still had a smile on her face. These things were all made for Jiang Daoran after she tried so hard and learned to cook them.
It’s a pity that Jiang Daoran never eats breakfast with her.
She did these things, but Jiang Daoran would not eat them either.
“Aunt, I’m wronged you.”
Xue Kai did not praise the delicious food, but sighed, put down his chopsticks, looked at Xue Ning distressedly, “Back when you married your uncle, my dad disagrees. You are from my Xue family, what? Is it time to do these things?”
This is what the next talent should do!
“There is nothing wronged.”
Xue Ning was very calm, but her eyes were a little dim, “I chose it myself, and I don’t regret it.”
Xue Kai frowned, “You don’t care, but what’s your uncle’s attitude? Does he understand you? I feel unworthy for you!”
Xue Ning did not speak.
“He must still think of that woman in his heart, even if she is dead,”
Xue Kai dissatisfied, “Now, that bastard is back again, don’t you worry, that bastard is coming back to grab the Jiang family’s property?”
“Xue Kai, don’t talk like this, your uncle will be unhappy after hearing this.”
Xue Ning frowned slightly. She didn’t like to hear others say bad things about Jiang Daoran, no one could do it.
It used to be like this, now it is the same.
“I don’t even know, what kind of ecstasy he poured you on,”
Xue Kai shook his head and sighed, “Okay, I don’t need to talk about my uncle, but what about that dog bastard? Are you going to watch him and come back to fight for the Jiang family’s property?”
“Then Jiang Daoran has refused to have a child with his aunt for so many years, isn’t it just to wait for that bastard to grow up and come back!”
“Xue Kai!”
Xue Ning’s expression became serious, “Have you said enough?”

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