Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 92

For three days, people kept planting.
Those who openly stated that they did not accept the solicitation and refused to seek refuge in the provincial capital, without exception, had a terrible end.
Some people who were still hesitating at the moment did not dare to think any more and bowed their heads obediently.
Wang Gao has never been cool, and this feeling of being above and above is really very comfortable.
He doesn’t even need to do it. The people sent from the provincial capital are all powerful.
He thought to himself that if he refused, like Xu Rong, then he would definitely have a miserable end now.
“Wang Gao, who is next?”
Gao Fei has been a little restless these days.
Obviously everything went smoothly, but he always felt that something went wrong.
Because Lin Wu was abolished.
The black dragon was also damaged in this East China Sea.
This is like a huge whirlpool, and they seem to be approaching the whirlpool now!
“Huang Yuming.”
Wang Gao gave the answer.
Now all forces, large and small, have already made a decision, as he said, those who obey will prosper, and those who oppose will perish.
Apart from Huang Yuming, there is no obstacle.
Hearing Huang Yuming’s name, Gao Fei frowned slightly.
He already knew that Heilong Linwu and the others were deposed, and they couldn’t get rid of this Huang Yuming.
“This matter, don’t move for now.”
Goofy spoke.
Wang Gao puzzled, “I should strike while the iron is hot now.”
Those masters they brought, deal with a Huang Yuming, just rub it with them.
He had seen with his own eyes how cruel those ruthless things were!
Moreover, I heard that Lin Wu also came this time, he was even more ruthless than the black dragon.
“Not urgent.”
Goofy shook his head.
This matter still waited for Lin Wu to arrange it himself, he did not dare to overstep his authority.
“But it’s late,”
Wang Gao snorted. The last time he hit the underground boxing ring, he was humiliated and embarrassed by Huang Yuming. Now there is a chance for revenge, he can’t stand it anymore. “I have sent someone to Huang Yuming to send a letter of surrender.”
And it’s the kind that is extremely insulting.
Gao Fei’s face sank, but he didn’t say anything, but the anxiety in his heart became stronger and stronger, even he himself didn’t know why.
At that time, in front of Huang Yuming, sat a tall guy, Wang Gao’s confidant.
He raised his head slightly and said lightly: “This is the only opportunity. I hope Mr. Huang can cherish it. Those who obey will prosper, and those who oppose will die. Our boss is not just talking.”
“Looking at the people in the underground circle of the East China Sea, the boss only gave you a chance, Mr. Huang, don’t toast or eat fine wine.”
Huang Yuming just laughed.
Putting a cigarette in a calm place, he smiled and said, “Brother, this matter, you tell me it’s useless.”
“How about I take you to meet someone?”
At this moment, Jiang Ning is in Lin Yuzhen’s office.
Leisurely making tea and eating pastries.
Compared to Lin Yuzhen, who was so busy, he was too leisurely.
“Hey, can you not irritate me like this in my office.”
Lin Yuzhen now feels more and more that he works for Jiangning.
But even if you are a boss, you don’t want to share the joys and sorrows with the employees. It’s a bit too much to stimulate the hard-working employees here.
Jiang Ning saw the text message from Huang Yuming on the phone.
He got up and smiled: “Okay, wife, you’re busy, I’ll go downstairs for a walk.”
The walking garden downstairs of Lin’s Building.
Jiang Ning sat there with Huang Yuming in front of him and Wang Gao’s confidant.
“What do you mean, take me to talk about things in a place like this?”
Wang Gao’s confidant was obviously in a bad mood.
In this short period of time, they have become the real masters of the underground circle of the East China Sea.
As long as they speak, other people will bow their heads obediently, and no one wants to offend those people in the provincial capital, nor do they want to be directly obliterated by those people in the provincial capital!

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