Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 934

“Mrs. Early.”
He opened his eyes and Xue Ning was already by his side.
Xue Ning smiled.
There are still some bruises on the corners of her mouth, but now she doesn’t feel all pain, only happiness in her heart.
“Let’s have breakfast together,”
Jiang Daoran got up, put his hand on the corner of Xue Ning’s mouth, and gently stroked, “Does it still hurt?”
“It doesn’t hurt.”
Xue Ning said, “With you, it won’t hurt.”
It was the first time for two people to sit together for breakfast in 15 years.
“What Jiangning likes to eat, I learned to cook for him.”
Xue Ning asked.
Jiang Daoran shook his head: “He won’t come to Jiang’s house.”
“Who said no?”
Xue Ning smiled slyly, “He is not coming, but what if his wife is coming?”
Jiang Daoran was startled, looking at Xue Ning, some didn’t react.
“Anyway, I should be regarded as Lin Yuzhen’s mother-in-law. If not, I should replace Mengqing and prepare a gift for her.”
Xue Ning said, “Leave this to me, let’s eat.”
Jiang Daoran nodded without saying anything.
Just thinking in my heart, is it really okay?
Will Jiang Ning come to eat at home? What does he like to eat? Is it something he has known for so many years? Has it changed, and what has changed?
He has forgotten what the breakfast tastes like, and his mind is full of these things.

The changes in the north were obvious, and Jiang Ning could clearly feel it even if it had just passed one day.
At least for a short time, the entire northern environment, whether it is the above-ground circle or the underground circle, will become very clean and stable.
Those people should be clear that they were not liquidated this time, it was not that they were clean and there was no problem, but they had better luck and were not targeted by Jiang Ning.
But if you dare to have another one, you don’t even need Jiang Ning to do it, the three top giants will make them regret it!
Lin Group, Northern Branch.
Li Dong has a headache now.
People who come here to find him and seek cooperation before ten o’clock in the morning can line as far as two streets from the door.
The key is that there are many industries that Lin has not involved at all, and even industries that he has never heard of have come to Lin to cooperate, even if it is just an investment of one dollar, they are willing.
Of course, Li Dong knows the future development direction of the Lin family. Jiang Ning has already told him that he must start from all industries to build a more powerful business empire than the Linglong Group in the past!
“Brother Ning, how should I choose this?”
He was a little embarrassed and went directly to Jiang Ning to make a decision.
Where did you know, Jiang Ning rolled his eyes and said, “You have to ask me about this. When you get your salary, won’t your heart hurt?”
Li Dong could only roll back again dingy.
Jiang Ning is about to return to the East China Sea. He is not interested when things are resolved in the north. He continues to stay in his arms, and his wife at home is waiting to be fed. This time, he must be feeding.
Lin Yuzhen is already preparing for the celebration banquet!
Jiang Ning didn’t hesitate, and went straight to the airport, preparing to return to the East China Sea. He didn’t even bother to explain anything and leave everything to them.
If you get your salary, you don’t have to be worth the money.
At the same time.
In a teahouse in the suburbs, the shutter has been torn down and thrown aside to reveal the broken tea table inside.
Pang Feiyan knelt on the ground, his hands and hamstrings were all picked off, and his body was dripping with blood!
“kill me!”
He panted, sneered, and didn’t mean to bow his head in the slightest, “I hid a page of boxing score, are you angry? Hahahaha!”
“The Jiang family has the third page of boxing scores, and I also concealed it, how? I just want to betray you and want to replace you, how about!
Standing on the lord in front of him, the mask on his face was blank, and he could not see his expression, only the eyes could be seen, which became more and more muddy.
He looked at the fist sheet he found from Pang Feiyan, and said lightly: “You will soon know the cost of betraying me.”

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