Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 938

They have never seen so much money in their entire lives!
And now, these are their bonuses, they are the rewards for their hard work and hard work over the past few months!
Jiang Ning said that they would be rewarded, and they would definitely be rewarded, and an additional 100 million was added.
How many bosses are there in the world?
This is the only one, no other branches!
“Mr. Lin,”
Xiao Zhao felt that his tongue was a little dry, and after swallowing a few saliva, he asked, “Is your house still lacking a girl? I don’t want to go to work anymore.”
Lin Yu really gave her an angry look: “Go to work!”
Three hundred million in cash is placed in the lobby on the first floor of the Lin Group headquarters. It doesn’t even need to be guarded. This is the safest place in the East China Sea.
Everyone passing by, including those who came to Lin’s business to discuss business, couldn’t help taking a breath when seeing the pile of banknotes.
Especially knowing that this was only the reward Jiang Ning gave to the employees tonight, and it was even more shocked and numb.
The bosses of two small companies even asked on the spot that Lin still couldn’t hire people. They wanted to come to Lin to work…
Lin Yu really didn’t care about this, she was anxious to pick up Jiang Ning at the airport.
Now she is very skilled in driving, driving the first BMW 5 Series that Jiangning bought for her and heading straight to the airport.
After waiting for a while in the exit aisle, I saw Jiang Ning stepping out.
Lin Yuzhen immediately waved his hand and shouted, “I am here! I am here!”
Jiang Ning smiled, waved his hand, quickened his pace, and turned over directly, turning over from the 1.5-meter-high railing. The security had no time to stop him, he had already rubbed Lin Yu into his arms!
“Miss me?”
“miss you!”
Jiang Ning gave Lin Yuzhen’s red lips a hard kiss, “Let’s go home!”
Lin Yuzhen bit her lip lightly and blushed immediately.
This is a public place!
Jiang Ning, bastard, can you control yourself?
“It smells like toothpaste.”
Lin Yuzhen snorted softly, and Jiang Ning ignored her, pulled her into the car, and drove away.
Jiang Ning was not in a hurry to go to the company, anyway, the celebration party only started in the evening. He went home to eat the dishes made by Su Mei, which was the reason Jiang Ning caught the first flight.
After eating and drinking enough, Jiang Ning took a bath, then went into the room and fell asleep.
Lin Yu really wanted to talk to him. It was obvious that Jiang Ning seemed very tired and said nothing. He tiptoed into the quilt, leaned in Jiang Ning’s arms, and slowly listened to his heartbeat.
Looking at this charming face, Lin Yu really felt that she was really happy.
Jiang Ning slept very deeply. He only dared to sleep like this only in this house.
Lin Yuzhen yelled softly, Jiang Ning did not move, breathing still evenly, “Let’s have a baby.”
With a smirk on her face, she looked at Jiang Ning who was asleep, knowing that he would not hear him now.
But suddenly, Jiang Ning opened his eyes!
Lin Yuzhen suddenly panicked, his face flushed, and wanted to explain. Just now, he deliberately took advantage of Jiang Ning to fall asleep, so he dared to say this. Where did he think that Jiang Ning, who was definitely asleep, woke up after hearing this sentence!
This guy, it’s impossible to pretend to be asleep!
“You, aren’t you asleep?”
She blushed, her heart beating faster, and she felt the blood in her body begin to flow faster.
Body, it’s so hot!
Jiang Ning stretched out his hand, pulled Lin Yuzhen closer, turned over and looked down at her, “I suddenly felt that I was not sleepy anymore.”
After speaking, he didn’t hesitate anymore and kissed it down!

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