Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 95

Wang Gao is very happy now.
What he hadn’t done in more than ten years, suddenly did it in just ten days, which made him a little proud.
Now in Donghai City, he has the final say.
Even if you have to listen to the provincial capital, at least this one-third of the acre, his Wang Gao’s name, is the best to use.
“Xu Rong is planted, Lao Luo is planted, and those who are disobedient are planted.”
Wang Gao was in his own club, wearing a bathrobe, shaking a red wine glass in his hand, looking very comfortable.
He blushed, obviously he had just experienced a fierce battle just now, and he still had some ideas. After all, he had coveted the woman who was snatched from Xu Rong for a long time.
“In this environment, it is really a lucky thing to find a stable ship.”
Wang Gao squinted his eyes, leaning on the sofa, contented.
Suddenly, there was a loud noise, the door was knocked open, and a figure flew in backwards screaming.
Wang Gao’s face changed slightly, and he immediately avoided. The wine glass in his hand was still knocked to the ground and broke to the ground.
Wang Gao yelled, “Come on! Come on!”
The man came, but he was kicked in. He slammed heavily on the ground, and suddenly there was no sound, and he passed out.
Wang Gao’s face changed drastically.
There were hundreds of people outside, but now there is no movement.
When Huang Yuming stepped in, Wang Gao’s eyes flashed with coldness.
“Huang Yuming, do you know what you are doing!”
Wang Gao yelled, “You are seeking your own death!”
Huang Yuming smiled, walked directly to the table, poured himself a glass of red wine, took a bite, and smacked his lips.
“I heard that you have a lot of good wine in your winery? I want it.”
Wang Gao was furious, “Do you want to start a fight!”
Huang Yuming shook his head, “It’s just a unilateral crush.”
After speaking, he snapped his fingers.

A series of sounds sounded, and soon there was no movement in the whole club.
Wang Gao was numb all over.
He saw it with his own eyes, as if there were thirty wolves raging in this place, no one could stop it!
He clearly saw that among those people, he had seen several of them, but a month ago, he even couldn’t even look at them. What was going on?
Wang Gao sat on the sofa blankly, his legs shaking a little.
All this happened so quickly that he didn’t even know what was going on.
Huang Yuming poured him a glass of wine: “Drink it, the last one in your life, and in prison, you may only have to drink urine.”
Wang Gao’s lips moved.
“Huang Yuming, don’t do things like this, Hedong for thirty years…”
Huang Yuming slapped Wang Gao with a backhand, knocked over the wine glass, and spilled red wine all over the floor.
“Do you think those dogs in the provincial capital can save you?”
Huang Yumingsen said coldly. “They will only die faster!”
Wang Gao covered his face and stared at Huang Yuming ferociously.
He never expected that Huang Yuming would rise so quickly in a short time.
First, the Black Dragon brothers were abolished, and the people in the provincial capital were not even considered, and now they came directly to the door to annihilate themselves.
What is his background?
“I am now following the regulations of the provincial capital! Lin Wu and Gao Fei are in Donghai City!”
Wang Gao gritted his teeth and issued a final threat.
“You abolished Brother Black Dragon, you have already offended them, and if you dare to touch me, they will definitely kill you!”
He was a little hysterical.

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