Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 956

Watson nodded solemnly, and Jiang Ning’s two words made his eyes flushed.
These words, he has never heard of other people, and then told him.
In the eyes of those who are rich and powerful, these low-level workers are just lowly workers, a tool for them to make money.
What dignity is still talking about?
“You find every mine, anyone who speaks a lot,”
Jiang Ning explained, “Then…”
Watson felt a little anxious when he heard it.
“Mr. Jiang, this is your property!”
Jiang Ning did this for them, but for Lin, I am afraid it will cost a lot.
Of course Watson knew that Jiang Ning was for the good of people like them, but he was overwhelmed by the loss of Lin’s.
“I just want a meaningful industry. It’s just making a few bad money, it’s meaningless.”
Jiang Ning didn’t care.
He is really not interested.
If it can’t help more people and realize Lin Yu’s real idea, Jiang Ning won’t want even more money.
“I…I understand! Don’t worry, Mr. Jiang, I will do what you said!”
Jiang Ning stretched out his hand, patted Watson on the shoulder, and said with a smile, “You will like the future of this city.”
After that, Jiang Ning left with Lin Yuzhen, leaving Watson a little dumbfounded, and it took him a long time to calm down.
Jiang Ning said about the future of this city, does it mean that they will create it?
His heart is beating hard!
A burst of enthusiasm is boiling all over the body, making him full of energy all at once, and instantly energetic!
This is not just for myself, but also for the low-level laborers like him, even for their children, to live a better life in the future.
Even if he lost his life as a result, he would not hesitate to do it!
Watson suddenly had unprecedented courage.
He clenched his fists and relaxed again, his eyes getting firmer and firmer, and immediately without hesitation, he immediately went to do the things Jiang Ning explained.
At the same time.
The First Hospital of Xishan City.
Zhou Zhenghu was lying on the hospital bed, his face a little pale.
Several bones were broken all over his body, especially his kneecap, which was split in half. It was impossible to stand up in a short time.
At the moment he was lying there, and standing in front of him was his partner, Liu Chao.
“Lin’s people?”
Liu Chao is a bit fierce, with a face full of flesh, and he doesn’t look like a good person in the past, “They really are not afraid of death, and dare to reach out to the Northwest. Really think they bought them. These properties belong to them?”
“That person… can fight very well.”
Zhou Zhenghu panted, gritted his teeth, “You have to bring more people, and bring those masters together!”
“Kill him! Must kill him!”
When did he ever be humiliated in this way, even beaten by Jiang Ning to be crippled, and asked him to kneel down and apologize to those lowly workers. Even if this account isn’t taken into account, Zhou Zhenghu can’t swallow his breath.
“Hehe, don’t worry, Xishan is our site. Lin wants to take this Black Star Mining Company, but he has to ask those people and agree or not.”
Liu Chao squinted his eyes and glanced at Zhou Zhenghu. “Let me tell you. I heard that there was a problem in the north. The upper ones were forced to abandon the Xishan industry, and the Lin family thought Entering in the void, they are simply wishful thinking!”
Zhou Zhenghu gritted his teeth and stared at Liu Chao. He saw something in his eyes and hurriedly asked.
“Those who already know?”
Liu Chao nodded, “San Ye Xie said, Xishan is ours, no one can take it away!”
“Whoever wants to come and get them, let them become a mine in this western mountain!”

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