Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1

Donghae City, International Airport.
Dozens of people in black suits rushed towards the exit, their faces were extremely serious, as if they were approaching an enemy.
The surrounding passengers hurriedly stepped aside, not knowing who it was.
The headed man in a suit frowned tightly, as if thinking of something, he immediately turned and left.
Soon, on the walking path outside the airport.
Sitting on the bench, Jiang Ning slowly exhaled a puff of smoke.
“Master hopes you can go back, he misses you very much.”
Five steps behind him, the man in suit said respectfully.
In front of the others, the man in the suit stands tall, and no one dares to offend him.
But in front of the young man in front of him, he felt that he was extremely humble!
“miss me?”
Jiang Ning turned his head slightly, with a sneer on his face, “Does he miss my rights or my money?”
If other people say this, the man in the suit will be disdainful, and the Jiang family, the dignified northern giant, will covet other people’s power and wealth?
But the man in front of him is different.
He is the Jiang family, the only heir!
What makes the man in suit even more amazed is that he is still the No. 1 God of War in the East, powerful and wealthy!
“Fifteen years ago, when he kicked me out of the Jiang family and married that fox, Jiang Ning died.”
Jiang Ning spit out the last smoke ring, “The current Jiang Ning has nothing to do with the Jiang family in the north.”
He got up and left directly.
“Don’t send anyone to come to me, otherwise, come one and I will kill one!”
A terrifying murderous spirit envelops the man in a suit instantly!
It wasn’t until Jiang Ning’s back disappeared that the clenched fist of the man in the suit gradually relaxed.
His back was already wet with sweat.
In front of Jiang Ning, he was actually nervous.
In the airport parking lot, a car has already been prepared.
Jiang Ning got into the car and immediately dialed a number.
“A Fei, are everything arranged?”
There was a voice in the earphones.
“give me the address.”
After speaking, Jiang Ning hung up the phone directly, holding a wrinkled candy paper in his hand, and his thoughts suddenly drifted to fifteen years ago.
At the age of fifteen, he was kicked out of the Jiang family and lived on the street.
When hungry and cold, a little girl in plain clothes gave Jiang Ning the only candy in her hand.
Subsequently, he was taken away by a mysterious man.
When he first appeared, the whole world was shaking!
Three years later, he was hailed as the No. 1 God of War in the East. At that time, he was only eighteen years old!
Now, twelve years later, the power of the God of War has shocked the world, but Jiang Ning has chosen to retreat.
He will never forget, that little girl.
He can’t forget, those pure eyes.
He can’t forget, that kind face.
Putting the candy paper away carefully, Jiang Ning took a deep breath.
If someone you know is here, I’m afraid it will be shocked. This powerful God of War is also nervous?
“I am back.”
The car, galloping away.
At that time.
Wanshun Hotel in Donghai!
It can be said to be very lively.
The well-known Lin family in Donghai City wanted to recruit good son-in-law for his granddaughter Lin Yuzhen here, which attracted many people’s attention.
Lin Yuzhen sat there in the private room of the hotel, her fists clenched, her eyes flushed, her grievances to the extreme.
And Lin Mu Su Mei, who was on the side, flushed with anger.
“Lin Wen, they are not at ease at all! If you want to be a man, go and reject the old man!”
She screamed, “Are you going to watch your daughter’s happiness ruined?”
What to recruit good son-in-law? Shit!
Su Mei would not believe that they were so kind.
From a small workshop, the Lin family developed into a third-rate family in Donghai City in fifteen years. The owner, Lin Xiao, can be regarded as a model of self-made.
Lin Xiao has three sons, Lin Qiang, Lin Wu and Lin Wen.
Lin Qiang took over most of the Lin family’s business and Lin Wu went to the provincial capital to open up the market. However, Lin Wen was in an accident with his legs crippled. Now he can only recuperate at home.
This time to recruit a good son-in-law for their daughter, Lin Qiang and Lin Wu encouraged the old man to make a decision. They also patted their chests to ensure that Lin Yuzhen would find a good man for Lin Yuzhen.
But the result?
A few candidates are all mediocre and unknown people. There is even one who is not only ten years older than Lin Yu, but also has intermittent mental illness!
How could this be to find a good son-in-law for Lin Yuzhen, this is to ruin her at all!
Lin Wen flushed at the moment, and his heart was also extremely angry, but he still didn’t dare to disobey the old man.
He knew the temper of the old man Lin Xiao, and he always said it was the same. In the Lin family, no one could defy his intentions.
“He is Yuzhen’s grandfather, and he won’t harm Yuzhen.”
For a long time, Lin Wen blushed and squeezed out a word.
Su Mei almost fainted, pointing at Lin Wen, crying.
“Why did I marry you so useless!”
She knew that Lin Wen was a filial son. She used to obey Lin Xiao’s words. Now that she is disabled, she has become weaker and dare not disobey Lin Xiao’s meaning.
But no matter which man Lin Yuzhen chooses to be his son-in-law, it will ruin Lin Yuzhen!
This family of them will be regarded as a joke by the people of Donghai City!
Su Mei cried sadly and cursed Lin Wen. Lin Yu really cried silently. Lin Wen could only hold onto his unaware thigh, and secretly blamed herself for helplessness.
“Mom, don’t talk about Dad.”
Lin Yuzhen squeezed out a smile, two tears on her beautiful face.
“Maybe, Grandpa will find me a good man.”
She didn’t know anything, it was the meaning of the uncle and the second.
After graduating from university, he joined the Lin Family Group to work. In just two years, he made outstanding achievements and suppressed their children.
They were only worried that they would compete for the Lin family’s property, so they urged their grandfather and couldn’t wait to find a door-to-door son-in-law to marry him. In this way, they would lose the qualifications to compete for the Lin family’s property.
She knew, and her parents knew it, but they couldn’t fight.
In the Lin family, no one can disobey Grandpa’s decision, no one can.
Hearing the bell ringing, Lin Yu really got up.
“Let’s go, Grandpa is waiting anxiously, it’s time to scold us again.”
Looking at Lin Yu’s trembling body, Lin Wen was bitter and helpless. He didn’t dare to look at his wife, complaining in his eyes.
He knew in his heart that even though he was aggrieved by staying in the Lin family, at least the family had no worries about their lives. If they were driven out of the Lin family, what would they do?
In the hotel lobby, the lights are bright and the guests are here.
Sitting above Lin Xiao, the old man of the Lin family, dressed in an exquisite Tang costume, leaning on a cane, his face was red.
“Congratulations, Patriarch Lin.”
“Congratulations to Patriarch Lin for getting an excellent grandson-in-law!”
Each guest complimented Lin Xiao.
“Dad, it’s almost time, it’s time to announce.”
Lin Qiang, who was standing on the side, was burly and exuded a kind of aura.
He glanced at Lin Yuzhen, who was sitting not far away, and said loudly: “Our son-in-law has already had results, and the best young people are selected.”
The best young man?
Hmph, he knew in his heart that this virtuous son-in-law’s choice was to pick the worst choice, and there were even some hidden diseases!
As long as Lin Yu is really married, the Lin family’s property has nothing to do with her.
This person Lin Xiao absolutely did not allow the Lin family to fall into the hands of people with surnames.
Lin Xiao stood up, and when he opened his mouth, everyone looked over, “Today, I want to officially announce that my granddaughter Lin Yu is really the right husband and wife!”

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