Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1001

Having been in the mining area for a long time, how could Zhao Quan not know?
Even at the very beginning, he himself was a mining worker!
For experienced miners, the collapsed area is indeed very dangerous, but some people know how to look at the lines of those mines and know where it is relatively safe.
In the past, many key minerals were developed. In this situation, it was all heavy money to invite such miners in, desperately robbing them for excavation.
Although it is still a life of nine deaths, as long as you give money and enough money, someone will be willing to die!
Therefore, in Zhao Quan’s eyes, the lives of workers have always been cheap, and they are nothing at all.
He turned his head to look at Jiang Ning, Watson and others, and respectfully said to Guo Meng: “Mr. Guo, Watson has very rich experience, and he was the one who discovered this tomb in the first place!”
Hearing this, Guo Meng’s eyes immediately stared at Watson, and Peanut couldn’t help shaking his body!
“Call me all those experienced miners.”
He snorted and ordered directly, “Let them in and take out what I want!”
When Zhao Quan heard this, he was immediately excited.
Guo Meng has spoken. Who would dare not listen to someone like him speaking?
Knowing this long ago, he should have told Guo Meng to let him do it himself, maybe the conditions can still be discussed, wherever he is embarrassed, he murmured to Jiang Ning.
Zhao Quan immediately walked towards Jiang Ning and the others.
At this moment, he didn’t pay attention to Jiang Ning at all. After all, Guo Meng was here, and Zhao Quan knew exactly who he was.
“Jiang Ning, you can’t help this matter anymore. I advise you to know the current affairs as a brilliant man, don’t make mistakes!”
After finishing talking, Zhao Quan gave a triumphant smile, turned his head and pointed at Watson, his face sank immediately, full of disdain, “Immediately, call all your old brothers to come to the mine!”
“If you delay Mr. Guo’s business, your whole family will be in trouble!”
Watson’s face changed slightly, but he still stood there, motionless.
Jiang Ning is here, he is not afraid!
Seeing that Watson hadn’t listened to him, Zhao Quan was angry, and took a step forward, raising his hand to slap.
But this slap was Jiang Ning’s slap on Zhao Quan’s face, thick and heavy.
Directly hit Zhao Quan, flew out, and rolled on the ground a few times before stabilizing his body.
Zhao Quan became angry and pointed at Jiang Ning, “Are you looking for death!”
“I read,”
Jiang Ning said lightly, “It’s you who is looking for death.”
“This No. 8 mining area is my Lin’s property. When will it be your turn to point fingers?”
“You…you are too arrogant!”
Zhao Quan shouted. He immediately got up, but he dared not rush towards Jiangning. Instead, he ran to Guo Meng with a cold face, “Mr. Guo, I’m afraid, if you don’t solve this person, we can’t get what you think today. What you want!”
If you want to kill someone with a knife, you have to be harder!
He was afraid that Jiang Ning was a counselor, so he directly handed over the No. 8 mining area, and now it happens!
Sure enough, Guo Meng’s eyes changed.
Like a bad wolf, he has run out of patience at the moment.
For him, it is his task to get what is in the tomb. For this, he can do anything, even murder!
“Give you one last chance, get out!”
Guo Meng took a step forward, his murderous aura was undisguised.
Ordinary people such as Watson suddenly felt terrified, and even their breathing became quicker, and the whole body was cold and sweaty!
Jiang Ning snorted softly, with a very soft voice, but instantly shattered the terrible pressure, and all of a sudden disappeared. Watson and the others immediately relaxed.
“But I, I don’t want to give you any chance.”

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