Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1006

Lin Yu really ate the fruit obediently, Jiang Ning spoke, but she didn’t dare to interrupt, until she finished eating, she continued to guide several staff members.
It was very busy until nine o’clock in the evening, and everything was explained. Jiang Ning took Lin Yuzhen back to the hotel to rest, preparing to leave the next day.
At the same time.
No. 8 mining area!
In front of the mine that was at risk of collapsing, Watson and the others had made every possible preparation.
Miner’s lamps, ropes, knives, shovels, and even dry food and water.
“Mr. Jiang and Ms. Lin have helped everyone so much, but there is not much we can do for them,”
Watson said, “Several of us have been in this mine. We should remember the situation inside, right?”
“Remember! I must remember!”
“We are all old miners, don’t have any other skills, what’s the problem with this?”
“The stuff inside is very important to Mr. Jiang, let’s get it out!”
Watson looked at several people and nodded, his face full of determination.
“Brothers, I have to remind you that entering this mine is definitely dangerous. Even if everyone has experience, you can all think about it.”
He took a deep breath.
Already prepared for the worst, but at the same time he became more determined.
Jiang Ning and Lin Yu really helped them so much and gave everyone hope. He couldn’t forget how he brought a few brothers to the East China Sea and the Lin Group employees and how they treated them.
I can’t forget that Lin Yu really cried like a little girl when they saw their grievances and humiliation.
They are just ordinary miners. When does anyone care about them and treat them like this?
Still so defending their dignity and giving them hope?
Apart from Jiang Ning and Lin Yuzhen, where else are there!
Therefore, even if it is dangerous and may even lose his life, it is worth it to do something for Jiangning and the others!
“Think about it!”
“I have thought about it too!”
“Stop talking nonsense, I’m not afraid, let’s go!”
A few people took a deep breath, leaving two people outside to respond, they no longer had the slightest hesitation, and went straight into the mine.
The sky is dim, and there is a very bright star in the starry sky in the middle of the night, constantly emitting light.
Its light is insignificant compared with the vast galaxy, but it still works hard to shine and illuminate the darkness around it.
In the hotel.
Lin Yu was really tired. After taking a shower, he threw himself on the bed and fell asleep quickly.
And Jiang Ning was sitting beside the bed, thinking about that page of Ji Dao Boxing Book in his heart.
He didn’t have extreme desire for these things. If it weren’t for dealing with the Lord and Hidden Gate and solving these hidden dangers, Jiang Ning would not have any interest in these Jidao fist books.
“Lord, why are you so interested in these fist scores? Is it really because He Linbei said, the secret of fist scores?
Jiang Ning secretly said in his heart, “If this is the case, if this page is buried, they may no longer be able to find a complete boxing score. In this way, the master’s idea is even shattered.”
Thinking of this, Jiang Ning shook his head.
“I’m afraid, just digging the ground three feet, these crazy people will dig out the boxing book, right?”
He thought for a while, and was about to call Watson, confessing that he would fill up the mine. Before he dialed the number, the phone rang.
Jiang Ning walked outside the house, closed the door softly, and glanced at the number. It was Watson’s call.
As soon as he connected, there was an excited voice on the other end of the phone, trembling constantly!
“Mr. Jiang! We took out the things in the mine! We took it out!”

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