Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 101

Why are such big leaders here!
Not only that, but the people behind Leader Zhang are the top leaders of the various competent departments in Donghai City. What is going on?
Wu Ping yelled a word, so he didn’t dare to shout again, he didn’t even have the qualifications to say hello to Leader Zhang!
“Sorry, our company is temporarily closed.”
Leader Zhang arrived in a hurry, and just about to go upstairs, the staff at the information desk at the door politely stopped everyone.
Leader Zhang felt a mouthful of old blood rushing into his heart, unable to vomit it out, and unable to swallow it down.
“Not bad.”
In the elevator, Lin Yuzhen walked out with a bag on his back, “Our company has incomplete operating procedures and was ordered to suspend business. We should comply with it.”
She glanced at Wu Ping who was standing aside, and said lightly: “This comrade, just came to inform.”
All of a sudden, dozens of eyes stared at Wu Ping, and his heart was frowning!
“which unit are you in!”
Leader Zhang angered.
“Leader, leader, I am the health department…”
“Lee Bureau!”
Leader Zhang didn’t let Wu Ping continue to speak, he turned his head and shouted, his face sank, “Is it from your unit?”
Behind him, a slightly fat middle-aged man, his face turned pale suddenly, and he hurried forward.
Today, I followed Leader Zhang to cut the ribbon. When the event was only halfway through, Leader Zhang hurriedly left, saying that there was a major event, which made everyone else nervous.
When have they seen the appearance of Leader Zhang?
It’s panic!
“Which department are you from?”
Director Li said loudly, “You are so bold, what are you doing here!”
Wu Ping was scared and stupid, and it was the first time he saw so many leaders.
“I’m running the department, under Director Luo…”
“Some of Lin’s procedure changes do not meet the requirements. I’m here to inform them, as soon as possible…”
When Director Li heard this, he knew that Wu Ping was talking nonsense!
These procedures go to them, everything is done according to their requirements, which company is like this, so it may not meet the requirements?
Isn’t this slap him in the face!
He turned his head and glanced at it. The expression of Leader Zhang was so ugly that it was almost dripping gloomily.
“If it doesn’t meet the requirements, you let them suspend business?”
Director Li’s body was trembling, and he could tell no matter how stupid he was, this Lin’s was extraordinary.
A few recent charity activities are not all supported by this Lin family?
Not to mention who is behind the Lin family, this kind of public welfare enterprise, who dares deliberately toss and make trouble like this!
Wu Ping’s face turned pale, and he didn’t know what to say.
Where did he think that something like this would happen, so many leaders have come!
At this moment, he just wanted to find a hole to get in and hide!
Lin Yu really ignored it.
“Leaders, I’m so sorry, I don’t know you are coming, and I can’t receive you now,”
She shook her head and said, “We are not allowed to operate without notice.”
As Lin Yuzhen said, employees came out one after another from the elevator and left with their bags. Obviously, business was really suspended.
“Mr. Lin, don’t worry first.”
Leader Zhang spoke, he had to speak, he wanted to leave it to Lao Li to deal with it, but now it seems that if Lin Yu really left, today’s matter will be really troublesome!
“Lee Bureau!”
He yelled, and Director Li’s body was shocked.
“According to the procedures we requested, how could it not meet the requirements? You are talking nonsense!”
Director Li scolded, “I think your investigation procedures are not complete! I must investigate thoroughly!”
“If it involves illegal law enforcement, I will severely punish it!”

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