Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1013

“Hahaha, I don’t know anything.”
Gao Shi stood up and patted the cheque that he had just stuffed in his chest.
“The news, I told Mr. Mo. I will accept the ten million information fee. I hope Mr. Mo can get what he wants. It is also an old friend who helped you.”
He arched his hands, “However, I have to remind Mr. Mo, Lin’s Jiang Ning has a very bad temper and is not easy to deal with. Once I let him know about the wild mines, the Mo family definitely won’t have a chance.”
After speaking, the professor stopped to say more, and turned away.
Watching Gao Xue’s back disappear, Mo Bei’s face was gloomy, he slowly took out his cell phone and dialed a number.
“Are you downstairs?”
He said lightly, “I just lost a check for ten million. Get it back for me.”
After speaking, he hung up the phone directly.
information fee?
He didn’t want to pay a dime.
As for the wild mine, he had heard that a wild mine was discovered in Xishan City, but it has not leaked out for so long.
He even suspected that it was Gao Shi and Zhao Quan who exploited privately and made huge profits in secret.
“Lin, Jiang Ning.”
Mo Bei snorted, “Before I saw the person, I caused such a big trouble first. You Lin will be responsible for this loss.”
He would not put workers in his eyes like Jiang Ning did.
Want benefits?
Dream it.
Mo Bei directly issued the order, and any non-discriminatory request was directly expelled. There was no mercy or even threatened that those workers would not find work in the entire Tongshan City.
For a time, angry voices sounded, but more helpless.
How do ordinary miners compare with the Mo family, which has been operating for several generations in Tongshan City?
at the same time.
The changes in Xishan City are almost visible to the naked eye.
The work enthusiasm of the major mining areas is completely different. Everyone works in accordance with the specified rules and regulations. First, safety is guaranteed, and second, there is even more hope.
Everyone knows that now it is not only for Lin’s work, but also for the two bosses Jiangning and Lin Yuzhen, but also for himself and his family.
They’ve calculated it, Lin Yuzhen alone took it out, and the part of the bonus for everyone at the end of the year is worth three months’ salary!
That is equivalent to 15 months’ salary a year!
They are workers, they are not white-collar workers, and this kind of treatment is enough to make them excited and unable to sleep.
Not to mention, Lin Yu really has a number of measures, as well as scholarships for children, pensions for the elderly, and insurance for everyone…
Just for this, if you don’t work hard, or don’t give back to Lin, they feel that they have no face to continue working in the mining area.
“Mr. Jiang said, safety first!”
“Mr. Jiang also said that in the future, everyone’s children are good enough after graduation, and Lin’s priority is given to admission!”
“Mr. Jiang urges everyone to persevere to win, and hard work will pay off!”

In the past few days, Watson held a loudspeaker and shouted everywhere, as if he didn’t penetrate Jiang Ning’s words into everyone’s heart, he felt that his work was not enough.
As the person in charge of this eighth mining area, his burden is very heavy!
In the office, Jiang Ning sat there.
The left hand is grapes, and the right hand is bananas.
Jiang Ning doesn’t care about the management of the mining area. There are a few professionals transferred from the headquarters of the Lin Group, and he needs to worry about it.
He is waiting.
Some troubles will inevitably arise.
“Brother Ning, in the past few days, many people came to Xishan City to look for work, and they wanted to enter various mining areas. I asked them to count, and there were more than 500 people.”
The subordinates reported the situation.
“How much can we charge?”
Jiang Ning squinted his eyes.

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