Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1021

Donghai, Lin?
These words, like a dull bell, suddenly echoed in his mind.
“Is that forbidden area in the East China Sea?”
Mo Chenglin remembered. He had heard about this place and that forbidden area in the East China Sea from a friend before. Recently, it has become famous!
It is said that they have taken a firm foothold in the north.
How could it be them?
“Dad, is there any problem?”
Mo Bei still had some disdain.
It’s just a place name. What’s special about Donghai? It’s not just a small city, not even the provincial capital. What’s so amazing about the companies that come out there.
“This Lin’s is not easy.”
Mo Chenglin said, “I have heard about it, it’s not that easy to provoke.”
Hearing this, Mo Bei laughed.
“Dad, you worry a lot. I have investigated. The Lin family has something to do with the Song family in the north. Some time ago, Song Xiaoyu, the head of the Song family in the north, went to our northwestern region for an inspection and said that he wanted to see what’s here. There is no investment opportunity.”
He snorted, “I don’t know yet. The families with big names in the north are just greedy and want to come to the Northwest to share the cake.”
It is not just a few decades ago. It is not that simple for the large families in the north to control a region by way of an agent.
Just like their Mo family, who have been rooted in Tongshan City for so many years, the development of three generations has given them a certain degree of confidence.
Even the second-rate families in the north have no fear at all!
Not to mention, behind them, there is support from overseas forces.
“Don’t be careless!”
Mo Chenglin has been careful and cautious all his life, even in this world, there are many people and many forces, and they can’t provoke them at all, even if the other party may seem to be unknown.
“Suspend the attack on Lin, first observe and observe.”
Mo Chenglin thought for a while, and said, “I’ll find someone to ask, what is the origin of Lin’s family, and I will do it when I’m sure.”
“I am the Patriarch!”
Mo Chenglin shouted, “Now, the Mo family can’t tolerate the slightest mistake, do you understand?”
Mo Bei still wanted to argue, but looking at Mo Chenglin’s face, he still did not refute and nodded.
“Yes, I understand.”
After speaking, Mo Chenglin didn’t say anything, and immediately went to a friend in the north to ask about Lin’s background.
The Mo family has done a lot of things secretly now, so that people can’t know it, and he doesn’t want to be too ostentatious, so as not to attract the attention of others.
In case a turmoil arises and the Mo family is targeted by someone, that would be really troublesome.
Mo Chenglin left, Mo Bei shook his head suddenly, his dissatisfaction on his face was not concealed.
“Dad, you are old.”
He said lightly, “Too old-fashioned, my Mo family, how can I become a big family in this northwestern region? How can I compete with the big family in the north?”
Mo Bei is now taking a firm line, which is to win the support of overseas forces, so he does not hesitate to take risks and use precious wild mineral resources to exchange benefits.
The purpose is to make the Mo family not only gain a foothold in the northwest region, but also make the Mo family, in the eyes of the northern family, also afraid to provoke!
Even those first-class families, even the top wealthy families, don’t care to provoke the Mo family!
Although there is still a long way to go, as long as it goes on, it will definitely come true. Mo Bei believes in his own judgment.
He immediately called Cheng Fan, but instead of asking Cheng Fan to stop, he asked Cheng Fan to speed up, further forcing Lin to give up his business in Xishan City.
Isn’t the Lin family related to the Song family in the north?
A declining second-rate family with a big surname, he Mo Bei, he doesn’t need to take it too seriously.

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