Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1023

“Want to cooperate with us?”
Watson was shocked.
He hasn’t even reacted yet, someone came to the door to seek cooperation?
It’s still from the north!
Coming so far, the wind and dust rushed over and asked them to cooperate!
He glanced at the man, his breathing was still a bit short, he seemed to be running all the way, for fear that he would be a step slower, and there would be no place.
what happened?
“Already, no quota?”
Seeing that Watson was stunned, and did not speak for a long time, the man’s face turned pale, and he suddenly became nervous.
He bought the first plane, and switched trains and cars all the way. He didn’t even dare to sit down and eat his meal, but he was afraid that he would be late and the opportunity for cooperation would be gone.
Watson only reacted and shouted, “Yes! Yes!”
“Come in!”
He hurriedly walked over, shook hands with the man, he was about to jump up with excitement, but his face remained calm.
“You came in time, if you come later…”
He smiled and didn’t say that if you come a little later, all of our cooperative sales channels will be cancelled.
But when the person heard this, he was obviously relieved, and he didn’t care about asking for a sip of water. He said quickly, “Then let’s sign a contract. You can mention the terms of cooperation. We don’t have any comments here!”
Watson was shocked again.
What conditions do they open?
What a joke!
When did they have such status?
Not only him, but several people in the business department were also stunned, as if they thought they had heard it wrong, and couldn’t believe it at all.
“hurry up!”
When the man saw that Watson didn’t speak, he was anxious, so he pulled Watson and walked inside.
“Excuse me, is this the eighth mining area? I want to work with you! I’m from the north!”
Suddenly, another voice came from the door.
Watson turned his head to look, the people in the business department turned to look, and even the people who had just arrived turned their heads and looked over.
“You actually arrived first?”
“Why are you here too!”
Two people from the north spoke at the same time.
Immediately, the two people scrambled.
“I’ll come first, I’ll sign the contract first! You can open whatever terms you want!”
“I’ll sign first! Our company has a strong business strength and is most qualified to cooperate with them. I will first!”
Watson was dumbfounded.
Seeing that the two were about to fight, he hurried over to stop it.
“There are places! Both! Two people please come in, let’s talk together, whoever has good conditions, we will sign whoever!”
He was crazy happy.
Regardless of other things, Peanut immediately asked the person in the business department to lead two people from the north to discuss cooperation.
What is going on here?
Suddenly, someone came to ask them to cooperate, or they were from the north. Listening to the tone of the two, it seemed that they were not small.
“I said Mr. Jiang is great. It must be Mr. Jiang’s method that worked!”
“That’s amazing! We came to find it on the initiative. We used to beg grandpa to tell grandma, so we could see the faces of others.”
“Mr. Jiang is too great, great!”
Watson also muttered a little as he heard the excitement of several people yelling.
Is it really that advertisement that worked?
But he knew very well that in the advertisement, it was a simple sentence of seeking cooperation. There was nothing special, but that the mineral company under Lin’s company needed to sell, and these people took the initiative to come to the door.
Is it because of these two words?
“Excuse me…”
Watson was still in a daze, another person came at the door!
“There are places! There are places! Would you like to cooperate? Come in!”
This time, there was no need for the other party to speak, Hua Sheng reacted abruptly and said directly, “Is it from the north?”

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