Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1025

He had long felt that the Lin family was not simple, and could make such a big noise, so called the East China Sea Forbidden Land, how could it be an ordinary company?
Mo Chenglin took a deep breath: “Fortunately, I almost provoke someone who can’t be offended.”
If he hadn’t asked his friends, he wouldn’t know that the Lin family had caused such a big disturbance in the north and destroyed dozens of families with large surnames. What was the concept?
He has lived his entire life and has never seen such a terrifying force!
Not to mention, there is also a top wealthy family, the Pang family!
It is said that the Pang family is the strongest among the four top wealthy families.
But why, it was destroyed overnight.
The Lin family is so terrible, and now that the horror has reached the north, it has changed its face, and he doesn’t even have the courage to spread it out.
No wonder… No wonder they have never heard of Lin’s terrible company.
The more Mo Chenglin thought about it, the more he became afraid, still a little uneasy in his heart.
“Where is Mo Bei?”
He looked up, looked at the housekeeper standing at the door, and shouted, “Where are the others!”
“Patriarch, master, it seems to have gone to Xishan City.”
The butler respectfully said.
Hearing the three words of Xishan City, Mo Chenglin’s breathing suddenly stopped, and a bad premonition immediately rushed into his heart.
“What is he going to do in Xishan City?”
Mo Chenglin almost shouted!
“I don’t know, but looking at the face of the young master, it should be a good thing, he is very happy.”
The more Mo Chenglin listened, the more heartless he became, and his heart thumped and throbbed violently!
His own son, he knows too well, and he is afraid that he would not even listen to what he said to him!
When he goes to Xishan City, is he still going to trouble the Lin family?
Is he crazy!
“Bastard stuff!”
Mo Chenglin yelled, and the butler was so scared that his body trembled. For so many years, I haven’t seen Mo Chenglin get angry.
“Prepare the car and go to Xishan City immediately!”
Mo Chenglin became more anxious. He only hoped that what he was worried about would not happen.
He was about to get in the car when the phone rang again.
When Mo Chenglin saw that the friend from the north had just called, he quickly connected: “What’s the matter, what else did you tell me?”
“What is the situation in your Northwestern Region?”
A word on the other side made Mo Chenglin’s heart chuckle even more.
“What are you talking about?”
“Lin actually went to the Northwest to invest? That Red Star Mining Co., Ltd. is Lin’s industry!”
“You don’t know, the big families in the north are already crazy. One by one, they actively seek cooperation, vying for the opportunity to get closer to the Lin family, at all costs!”
Mo Chenglin’s face turned pale, and his heart became more and more disturbed.
He felt that his throat was dry, and he couldn’t say a word.
“Even, even the people of the three top wealthy families have gone! This has never been seen before, you Mo family, here is your chance!”
Mo Chenglin has no blood.
“I heard that someone besieged the Lin family and wanted to force the Lin family out of the Greater Western District. I really wanted to laugh. Who knows how to die like this? Old Mo, it’s good for you to ask me early. I should be thankful Got it.”
Mo Chenglin’s hand holding the phone was already shaking violently.
The three top wealthy families are all coming to the Northwest?
Just because of Lin, now looking for new partners?
Dozens of families with large surnames all went crazy and took the initiative to come to find Lin’s cooperation!
“Old Mo? Old Mo!”
Mo Chenglin couldn’t hear what was said on the other end of the phone. His ears were ringing in his ears, and he could only hear the sound of his heart beating violently.

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