Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1030

“Drag to death the Lin Group?”
Jiang Ning stared at Mo Bei and suddenly laughed, “I suddenly looked forward to it.”
“Let’s do it, you can do everything you can, and use all the means you can use to attack the Lin family. You must drag the Lin family to death.”
Jiang Ning’s words made Mo Bei frowned, and he felt that Jiang Ning might really be a lunatic.
Why did you take the initiative to ask yourself and drag Lin to death?
Is it because he doesn’t even want the Lin family for the mining industry in this area?
“If you can’t drag the Lin Group to death, then I…”
Jiang Ning’s tone suddenly became cold, “It will definitely drag your Mo family to death!”
There was a smile on his face, but the murderous intent in his tone did not hide it!
Mo Bei suddenly felt that the surrounding air seemed to cool down instantly, and his body trembled.
He didn’t expect that he had given Jiang Ning many opportunities, but instead of cherishing him, Jiang Ning dared to provoke him and threaten him?
“Good! Good! Good!”
Mo Bei yelled, “Jiangning, this is your choice. When the time comes, don’t kneel in front of me and beg me!”
He was furious and let out a cruel word, then turned and left.
He wanted to see, after Lin was dragged, unable to withdraw from Xishan City, he would continue to draw blood from the group headquarters to fill the hole in Xishan City. Jiangning’s bones could be so hard!
When Mo Bei left, Jiang Ning didn’t stop him at all.
From beginning to end, he looked at Mo Bei like a fool.
“Mining Area No. 8… It seems that there are still many secrets in Mining Area No. 8.”
Jiang Ning snorted softly.
When Mo Bei walked to the door, the anger on his face grew stronger.
He is going to do it!
No longer being polite with Jiang Ning, if I didn’t want to do it, I just got what I wanted, which is naturally the best.
But Jiang Ning doesn’t know how to promote, so don’t blame yourself for being rude.
He had just walked to the door and was about to get in the car and leave, when he saw Mo Chenglin’s car speeding up from a distance.
Mo Bei was stunned, “Why is Dad here?”
He had to deal with the Lin family behind his back, lest a conservative person like Mo Chenglin would disagree.
At this moment, seeing Mo Chenglin coming, Mo Bei had no scruples.
After meeting Jiang Ning, he became more and more sure that Jiang Ning was a thorough layman, and he didn’t know how to operate the mineral industry at all.
Since he provokes himself so much, he has to pay the price!
Mo Bei walked to the front of Mo Chenglin’s car and helped him open the door.
He didn’t say anything, Mo Chenglin slapped his hand and slapped Mo Bei’s face fiercely.
“evil creature!”
Mo Chenglin’s face flushed with anger, and he forced the driver to overspeed along the way, fearing that it would not be too late, “What are you doing here!”
“Are you trying to piss me off and kill the Mo family!”
Mo Bei was shocked, covering his face, and did not respond for a long time.
Why did Mo Chenglin beat himself?
“Dad… what are you talking about!”
Mo Bei said anxiously, “Why did I harm the Mo family? I’m developing the Mo family, and I’m helping the Mo family…Ah!”
He was only halfway through, and Mo Chenglin slapped again, and Mo Bei’s mouth was full of blood!
“You dare to talk back!”
Mo Chenglin was trembling with anger.
On the way, he learned that Mo Bei had already started working on Lin’s, and in conjunction with a dozen other companies around him, he madly forced Lin to get Lin’s No. 8 mining area!
Is this Lin family and this Jiang Ning the object of his Mo family now?
Those families with large surnames in the north all died in the hands of Jiang Ning!
Mo Bei, he has offended the wrong person!

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