Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1036

“Yes Yes Yes!”
Mo Chenglin nodded quickly, “Listen to Mr. Jiang’s instructions!”
“Mineral resources are an important resource for social development. You have been operating this industry for three generations. It is impossible not to know how many people in this country, like you, are privately holding wild mines. I think you, the master, should also know one or two. Right?”
Hearing this, Mo Chenglin’s face suddenly became a little ugly, but he dared not nod his head.
He knew that if he concealed it, Jiang Ning would not hesitate to let the Mo family be wiped out!
“Things belonging to our country are not allowed to be privately hidden by anyone! And they are not allowed to be shipped overseas without permission!”
Jiang Ning shouted sternly, “I don’t think I need to say more about what to do. There will be someone looking for you soon. You should think clearly about how to explain it to you.”
“Yes, yes! I must explain them all!”
Mo Chenglin repeatedly said.
“Patriarch Mo, don’t be too greedy,”
Jiang Ning said indifferently, “A lifetime of wealth, enough for you to eat and drink for generations of the Mo family, what else do you want?”
Mo Chenglin was afraid to speak.
“Do you want power?”
Mo Chenglin looked terrified and shook his head quickly.
He wants the right to fart!
He dare to have the right to fart!
“Power is not a good thing, you understand.”
Jiang Ning glanced at the Mo family father and son, and didn’t want to talk nonsense. It was an extra gain to recover the loss of several wild mines.
He knows that there are always people with guilty minds and guts who dare to do some anger and grievances, and they hide deeply. Since he can dig a hole today, then he must completely clean it up!
One pot end!
Those belonging to the country and the people are not allowed to be privately owned!
Mo Chenglin nodded desperately like a chicken pecking at the rice, his face was long gone.
He didn’t know how he got out of the eighth mine, his legs were as soft as noodles, and he sat back in the car before he realized that he was still alive.
Facing Jiang Ning, it would be so terrifying!
He was panting roughly, his back already wet with sweat.
Mo Bei’s throat was even more dry. He asked the driver for a bottle of water, shaking his hands, unscrewing it, and drinking it all at once before he felt able to speak, “He, he really is…so scary?”
As soon as Mo Chenglin wanted to talk, the phone rang.
He saw a strange number, but it was from the north, which made him nervous.
Mo Chenglin connected carefully, said a word, and immediately sat up straight.
“Yes! Yes! Yes! I promise! I swear!”
His face was almost stiff.
Mo Bei, who was sitting in front, didn’t dare to move. He had never seen Mo Chenglin so nervous.
In the whole compartment, there is a kind of killing!
It’s extremely cold!
“Turn off, turn off the air conditioner…”
For a while, Mo Bei said with a trembling voice.
“Mr. Mo, I, I did not turn on the air conditioner…”
In the car, it fell silent again.
I could only hear the breath that was clearly suppressed.
For a long time, Mo Bei couldn’t bear this kind of atmosphere, and opened his mouth.
He wanted to speak, but Mo Chenglin interrupted him.
Mo Chenglin picked up the phone, took a deep breath, and dialed a number directly.
His head was a little roaring, and the call he had just received was enough to scare him apart!
If he had doubted Jiang Ning’s strength in his heart before, the phone from the north, representing coercive power, would have completely shattered this doubt!
The phone rang twice and it was connected.
“Hey, I am the Patriarch of the Mo family in the Great Northwest Region, Mo Chenglin. We have discovered two rare minerals and want to hand them over to the country…”

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