Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1038

“No, no,”
Jiang Ning said, “You misunderstood, they are not here to save me, but… to kill you!”
“Perhaps, kill all of you doglegs, and the Lord will appear.”
As soon as the voice fell, Brother Gou and others moved, like a jackal, tiger and leopard, fierce.
The battle is on the verge!
The iron fist roared like a squally rain, and the person in the hidden door changed his face when he started his hand. In terms of strength, Brother Gou and others couldn’t get into their eyes at all.
But the skills in the battle formation shocked their hearts!
“How can it be?”
Can this class of ants explode with such strength?
“Don’t look down on people!”
The old five roared, and almost instantly, the figure changed from the old six.
Brother Gou was angry when he heard it.
“When did the dog offend you? Don’t talk about the dog!”
A group of people, crazy.
While Jiang Ning stood there, stretched out his hand from his pocket, took out a fruit, wiped it on his sleeve, and ate it.
This set of battle formation techniques has been improved. Brother Gou and others wanted to find a chance to try it, but they have been waiting for a long time.
Today, the opportunity has come.
The picture is a bit weird. Several people in the hidden door are not weak in strength, at least at the level of a master, and they can be besieged and killed by Brother Dog and others, but they are unable to exert their full strength.
It seemed that it was very uncomfortable to be suppressed abruptly.
Someone appeared in front of them before the punch was hit, and the attack came before the punch was recovered.
Changes are too fast!
The disparity in realm does not seem to affect it at all. Brother Gou and the others are inseparable from the masters in these hidden gates!
“Kill! Kill! Kill!”
Brother Gou and others became more excited, roaring loudly and loudly.
Jiang Ning, who was standing there, had eaten up the fruit in his hand.
He clapped his hands.
“All right.”
In a few simple words, Brother Gou and the others retreated immediately. A dozen people, all surrounded by Jiang Ning…around the bag of fruits.
It seems that this bag of fruits is more important than Jiangning!
Jiang Ning took a step forward, and the few people in the hidden gate suddenly looked like enemies!
“Only you?”
“I’m alone.”
“Try it, and you will know if you are arrogant.”
Jiang Ning moved suddenly!
Fast as the wind!
A punch with the left hand, a punch with the right…at the same time!
The face of the headed person changed drastically.
He had never seen a punch with both hands, and he used different moves.
“You are very lucky…”
Jiang Ning’s figure is gone, but the voice is roaring like thunder, “I can see it for the first time, this Ji Dao fist score… the second move!”
Fist and wind burst into thunder!

Ji Dao Boxing Table, Second Form!
break out!
Like a change of shape, like a long wind sending the sun, more like a thunderbolt of fire, almost instantly swallowing a few people in the hidden door.
Brother Gou and the others were completely stunned.
This…this is too fucking strong, right?
It’s completely crushed!
Ji Dao Boxing Table, Second Form?
On the ground, those people in the hidden door convulsed all over, their bones were broken, and they didn’t even have the strength to speak.
Jiang Ning retracted his hand and looked up into the distance, as if there was a figure there!
He looked from a distance, squinted his eyes slightly, stretched out his hand, and from his arms, took out the fist sheet obtained from the No. 8 mining area, and raised it gently, full of provocation.
It seems to be talking.
“Here is the boxing score, come and get it!”

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