Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1039

Two pairs of eyes, looking at each other in the air!
Murderous auras are faintly floating in the air!
Jiang Ning held the fist sheet in his hand and waved it provocatively, making the eyes under the mask in the distance deeper and deeper.
He looked at Jiang Ning, looked at the boxing sheet in Jiang Ning’s hand, and was even more shocked that Jiang Ning could control the moves on this page of boxing sheet in a short time.
How long is this?
How many days?
The second style that Jiang Ning just showed, it’s so powerful!
What made him feel most jealous was that Jiang Ning’s time was too short.
The average person could not control the moves on a page of the boxing sheet for several years, or even more than ten years, and Jiang Ning only took a few days.
He can be 100% sure at this moment that Jiang Ning has completely controlled the page of the Jiang family’s inheritance.
Only in this way can Jiang Ning have such a deep understanding of Ji Dao Fist!
At this moment, the two people are full of fighting spirit, and even more murderous!
Jiang Ning is ready, if the Lord wants to do something today, then he will completely behead it, even if it needs to pay some price.
However, the figure in the distance just looked at each other in the air for a while, then turned and left, without any intention to do anything with himself.
The murderous spirit dissipated like a cloud of smoke, without even leaving a trace.
Brother Gou and others are like a big enemy!
They have been prepared for a long time, today they are going to have a big kill, and even prepared to sacrifice.
After all, they knew that Jiang Ning had taken out a page of boxing scores as bait to lure the master into the bait!
Unexpectedly, the master still didn’t do it.
“Big brother, what is he thinking?”
Brother Gou didn’t understand, “Isn’t one page not enough?”
“He’s not sure.”
Jiang Ning said, “Even if it’s a life-or-death relationship with me, he won’t do anything, unless he kills me with one blow!”
Brother Gou was even more confused.
If you want to kill Jiang Ning with one blow, I am afraid that there is no such person in this world.
“Because of him, I can’t afford to lose.”
Before Jiang Ning was not sure, but now Jiang Ning can be 100% sure that the main purpose is not only to obtain the Ji Dao fist score, but also to get the secrets of the Ji Dao fist score.
He is not necessarily determined to win the boxing technique on the Jidao fist chart, but is determined to win the fist chart, the map that may exist!
Therefore, even if he has obtained the fist sheet and has mastered this second type of fist in a short period of time, the master still can’t bear it.
It’s really bearable.
“walk home.”
Jiang Ning picked up the fruit bag, turned around and left.
What we have to do now is to get more punches than the master, and force him to find himself.
It is definitely not easy for such a person who can hide more than ten years for the sake of boxing.
What’s more, if the secret behind the Ji Dao Boxing Sheet is exposed, it will definitely cause a huge earthquake.
“It seems that I still have to go to the north.”
Jiang Ning thought in his heart.
In the circles of the rivers and lakes, Tan Xing doesn’t know much about this area, so he will know something about it. I’m afraid it’s the two old men from the Jiang family.
If you can find your own master through them, maybe you can know more.
Not long after Jiang Ning left, the figure reappeared.
The Lord walked under those hands.
“Lord… the boxing sheet on his body…”
“You guys, it’s useless.”
The master waved his hand, and a burst of smoke fell, and several people suddenly screamed, before a few words, they swallowed, and the entire face was corroded…
Looking at these corpses, the eyes under the master’s mask were calm.
It seemed that he didn’t care about the death of a few men.
He cares, there is always only one thing.
The Lord said lightly, “When you experience the same thing as me, I don’t know what choice you will make.”
He looked at the direction Jiang Ning was leaving, his eyes deeper and deeper, like a galaxy.

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