Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1040

At that time.
East China Sea!
Jiang Ning is back!
Outside the airport, Lin Yuzhen came to pick him up in person.
This is the treatment that Jiang Ning only has.
Seeing Jiang Ning holding a bag in one hand, Lin Yu couldn’t help being a little funny.
“You don’t look like a rich man in your outfit.”
“I can’t be too rich.”
Jiang Ning said seriously, “Otherwise, others will definitely say that you are looking at my money, not my talent.”
Lin Yuzhen laughed and gave Jiang Ning a white look.
The car sped back to Lin’s villa.
It feels good to be home.
Before entering the house, I smelled the fragrance.
Jiang Ning knew that it must be Su Mei. He had prepared his favorite dishes early and waited for him to go home.
What he enjoys most is the atmosphere at home.
Su Mei took off her apron and walked quickly to the door. Seeing Jiang Ning, her eyes curled up with a smile, not at all like watching her son-in-law come, but seeing her own son go home.
“I want to die!”
Jiang Ning stretched out his hand and gently hugged Su Mei, “Mom, I miss your cooking too!”
Su Mei turned her head and glanced, “What are you mentioning in your hand?”
Jiang Ning raised his head slightly, like a kid waiting to be praised, “I thought about the special products in the Northwest, which are rare in the East China Sea, so I personally went to the orchard, picked some and brought it back, and gave you and dad a taste.”
Su Mei’s eyes immediately turned red.
Are you tired to carry these two big bags?
So far from the Northwest, Jiang Ning came back with just that.
She didn’t even think about it. Jiang Ning came back by plane, and Lin Yu really picked it up when she arrived in the East China Sea, but her head was full of Jiang Ning’s two hands, each carrying a bag of fruit, sweating profusely.
“This kid, you have a heart!”
Su Mei quickly took a bag, then turned to look at Lin Wen who was still standing there, without any response, and suddenly pulled her face down, “What are you still doing? Help Jiangning get it! Tired of my son, you See how I clean up you!”
Lin Wen smiled and quickly took the bag from Jiang Ning’s other hand.
This is called the son, and he still has the status of Lin Wen in the family?
Jiang Ning returned like a meritorious soldier and walked into the house. The sofa was wiped clean early. On the table are all his favorite fruits and pastries.
Even the slippers he hadn’t worn for a long time were neatly arranged.
Lin Yu was a little envious of this treatment, and she knew even better that Jiang Ning deserved it.
This home is Jiang Ning’s home.
After Jiang Ning had a meal, Lin Yuzhen dragged him upstairs to take a bath, rushing away with a stinky sweat.
And downstairs, Su Mei was holding a mobile phone, happily, facing the fruits brought back by Jiangning, patted left, patted right, selected a number of angles, and took more than 20 shots before choosing a few of them. Seeing the most satisfied, it was posted to the circle of friends.
“Next time, let Su Yun’s girl teach me how to make beautiful pictures!”
Su Mei smiled and typed a few words: “The Northwest specialty fruits that my son-in-law brought me are really sweet!”
Not long after the status was released, several old classmates liked and commented that they were envious, which made Su Mei very happy.
In her life, she may have lost to her classmates and friends in many places, but in terms of her son-in-law, she feels that she has not lost!
Moreover, winning is beautiful!
“Look at you beautiful!”
Lin Wen snorted and couldn’t help being a little funny. Seeing Su Mei glared over, he waved his hand hurriedly, “Well, I don’t envy, I’ll go to Lao Ye for tea!”

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