Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1042

She snorted, with a temperament that only women have.
“Just posted a status, look!”
Su Mei handed the phone to Jiang Ning, and said with no anger, “I didn’t want to show off. Look at people’s replies, it seems that he has a coal boss son-in-law, how amazing it is!”
Jiang Ning took a look, feeling overjoyed.
This mother-in-law, the more fashionable now, she has learned to play Moments. This first state is to praise herself.
Can he make Su Mei angry?
“Boss Coal, that’s pretty awesome,”
Jiangning said, “It’s from the Northwest, right? I heard that the mineral owners over there are worth tens of billions of dollars.”
Su Mei glanced at him and did not speak.
How rich Jiang Ning is, she doesn’t know what tens of billions are, or is it just a black card on Jiang Ning’s body.
But she didn’t say, what’s the point of comparing with money, just because of Lin’s scale, the market value is more than tens of billions.
“Mom, your old classmate also specially sent you a message, saying that it was set at their place and invited you to participate.”
“Don’t go.”
Su Mei didn’t even look at it, so he deleted the information.
She didn’t get angry.
“If you don’t go, she probably invited Dad to go, this woman…”
Jiang Ning looked through the information and couldn’t help but nodded, “It’s well maintained, it doesn’t look like it’s almost fifty.”
When Su Mei heard this, he snatched the phone over and looked at the photos, and the more he looked at it, the more unhappy he became.
Is this okay?
If you really let Lin Wen go, that stinky woman might do something!
She was going to chase Lin Wen back then, and let Lin Wen give up on herself, it was really shameless!
“Jiangning, then you say, am I going?”
“go with!”
Jiang Ning said, “Of course I have to go, not only to go, but also to go beautifully, let your old classmates see how well you are, mom, and make them jealous of you!”
“It just so happens. I have a few friends in the Northwest. They are very familiar. I will take my mother and pick the fruit in the orchard by the way. I will give it to my grandma and the others to eat.”
Su Mei hesitated.
“My grandmother and his family have never eaten fruits from the northwest. Mom doesn’t pick some, so I can give them a taste? Dad probably wants to go…”
“Fuck him! I’ll go!”
Samui stood up.
There will be a few parties in this life, and a few times, let others see that I don’t live as bad as they said.
Su Mei is not a person who likes to compare, let alone a person who likes to show off, but he is not a person who allows others to bully and still keeps silent!
Su Mei called immediately, “You come to pick me up at home in the afternoon. I want to get my hair done, and then ask if your mother is free and go shopping with me to buy clothes.”
Putting down the phone, Su Mei looked at Jiang Ningdao.
“Mom, in this life, doesn’t fight for anything, and doesn’t ask others to look up high. They despise me, despise your dad, and even say that they laugh at us, I can bear it.”
Su Mei snorted, her tone a little harder, “I’m just such a daughter, such a son-in-law, whoever says you are not good, I can’t bear it!”
“Jiangning, I will take you with me and let them see, my daughter and son-in-law! They are even better than theirs!”
Jiang Ning nodded seriously.
Su Mei didn’t say any more, as if he had made a decision, but was a little nervous.
It was the first time that she had done this kind of openly responding to other people’s provocations. It was not only nervous, but also…
She walked a few steps, and she seemed to feel a little senseless in her heart, “We’re not going to lose face, will we?”
“rest assured.”
Jiang Ning only said these two words.

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