Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1044

He turned his head, Su Mei and Lin Yuzhen had already walked out, and immediately put down the phone, stood up directly, with amazing expressions on their faces.
“Wife, why didn’t you tell me, you still have a sister.”
Both Lin Yuzhen and Su Mei couldn’t help laughing.
Even if he knew that Jiang Ning was teasing them, he still couldn’t help it.
“Glib tongue!”
Su Mei deliberately said, “Don’t tease Mom!”
“Speaking the truth is not a joke.”
Jiang Ning’s face was not red and his heart beat, “Ready? Then let’s go directly.”
It was the first time that he took the initiative to slap someone in the face. This feeling seemed a little different.
Panshan City Hotel, the local hotel with the highest star rating, naturally has the highest level of consumption.
Gao Xin set the location here, of course, the purpose is very clear, is to let all the students see how well he is mixing now.
The vanity of adults is well known to everyone, but no one is outdone.
The brand-name clothes that I didn’t wear in the past are all taken out today, ironed and put on, and the leather shoes that I didn’t wear in the past are even more polished.
Gold and silver jewellery, pearlescent jade, who can greet one’s body, don’t spare any effort!
Su Mei’s body is simple, except for buying a new dress and the gold ring on her hand, they were all given to her when they were married that year.
“It’s all here! Old classmate! We haven’t seen each other for almost 20 years!”
“Pharaoh, you don’t seem to be getting old at all, are you well maintained?”
“Old Xu, I heard that your son’s company will be listed soon? It’s really amazing!”
This is not like a classmate gathering, but rather like Gao Xin’s personal cocktail party.
She is dressed in jewels, made of silk and satin, and has red hair. She looks a little younger than her real age. The earrings hanging on her ears are very valuable at first glance.
The feet are in fiery red high heels, full of grace and luxury.
“Have you brought all the children? I said earlier. Bring the children here, maybe how many pairs can be made.”
“Everyone is a classmate, know the roots, don’t worry!”
Gao Xin greeted again and again, but her eyes searched all around.
Seeing Su Mei walking into the hotel, her eyes lit up, and she stepped on high heels and walked over.
“Su Mei!”
Gao Xin grabbed Su Mei’s hand with a smile on her face, “I thought you weren’t coming!”
Su Mei smiled: “How can you not come if you specially invited me.”
When the two women met, Jiang Ning felt murderous in the first sentence of the opening.
For the first time, he felt that the battlefields he had experienced were nothing at all. The war between women was really terrifying.
“Of course I can’t help but come,”
Gao Xin smiled and said, “It’s been 20 years since I graduated. I haven’t seen it a few times. Is this your daughter?”
She turned her head and looked at Lin Yuzhen: “I saw her only once when she was born. Now she is so old.”
“Good Aunt Gao.”
Lin Yuzhen nodded politely.
“Eh eh eh, okay, okay!”
Gao Xin gave a hum, then turned her head and looked at Jiang Ning, the expression on her face suddenly changed.
She inquired clearly in private that the son-in-law of Su Mei’s family came to the door!
I heard that I was still a homeless man before, and I was a little confused.
This Lin Yu really looks good, and the Lin family seems to be able to develop it now, but in order to keep the family business, deliberately looking for a mentally ill son-in-law, it really made her gloat for a long time.
“Aunt Gao, I seem to have seen you.”
Without waiting for Gao Xin to speak, Jiang Ning spoke first.

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