Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1045

“Have you seen me?”
Gao Xin was stunned, she just wanted to ask knowingly, but at the moment she didn’t know and forgot to ask.
“When I was wandering on the street, I saw a person who grabbed steamed buns from me. He looked a lot like my aunt.”
Jiang Ning looked calm and smiled, “If I hadn’t seen the jewel of auntie, I almost thought it was you.”
Gao Xing’s face was startled.
On the street, grab steamed buns from Jiangning?
How could she go to the street to grab steamed buns.
“How is it possible, I…”
“Yes, how is this possible,”
Jiang Ning said, “Which man will make Aunt Gao suffer from such a beautiful woman?”
Gao Xin didn’t say anything, Jiang Ning said again, and immediately made Gao Xin not want to talk to Jiang Ning anymore.
The meaning of Jiang Ning’s words clearly means that he divorced his ex-husband because his ex-husband had no money, so he tried his best to marry a rich man.
This is cursing oneself for admiring vanity!
Gao Xin smirked, and deep in her eyes, a trace of unhappiness flashed through, and she must have been Su Mei in her heart, and she arranged a lot of herself behind her back.
“Please come in when you come,”
She quickly changed the subject, “Su Mei, all the classmates are here. Your dress up today will surprise them. Everyone brought their children here. See if you can make a few pairs. Your family Yu is really long. It’s really good…”
Gao Xin took Su Mei and walked in while talking.
People who don’t know think that the relationship between two people is very close.
Jiang Ning led Lin Yuzhen, turned her head to see her suffocating a smile, and still said solemnly: “You have to be serious, you have to make face for mom today, you can’t lose!”
Lin Yu took a deep breath and said inwardly, when did you lose, bastard?
The hotel venue is very grand, obviously well-arranged.
There are a few tables for old classmates, and a few tables for their children. Lin Yu really didn’t dare to think of a class gathering like this. She and Jiang Ning found a place to sit down, and the tablemates were already introducing themselves to each other.
“Hello, I am Li Run’s son, Li Xiang, the general manager of Haixing Trading Co., Ltd.”
“Hello everyone, I am the marketing director of Sunshine Group, Gao Qi, this is my business card.”
“I am the customs…”
Everyone was friendly, introduced themselves to each other, and there was a trace of arrogance in their words.
Those who dare to follow today are naturally good jobs, high-income people, those ordinary people, how embarrassed to come.
After everyone had finished introducing them, they turned to look at Jiang Ning and Lin Yuzhen.
Before Lin Yuzhen’s introduction, Jiang Ning said, “I don’t have a job now.”
In a word, other people suddenly lost interest.
no job?
Then came here for dinner today?
Someone couldn’t help but laughed and didn’t speak, but in that laughter, there was a trace of disdain and even some curiosity. The descendants of which family, the unemployed, could say so indifferently.
Lin Yuzhen glanced at Jiang Ning secretly, reached out and clicked on the palm of his hand, asking him, didn’t he say yes, is he going to make a face for mom today?
Even if it is the vice president of the Lin Group, who dares to say that he is not?
Jiang Ning gave him a look: “Being honest must be honest.”
“There are many major events in the market this year, especially in Shenghai and the North. Have you heard of it?”
“There is a company called Lin’s. The business model is completely different from previous companies. It is not for profit, which is incredible.”
“Yes, but there are not many people who know them. I have only heard a few words. It’s too mysterious.”
Lin Yu really heard someone talking about the Lin family, and pricked his ears to listen, but it was obvious that the levels of the few people present were too low, and they didn’t know much at all.
“How do you survive if you are not profitable? I think they are just speculating on concepts, ready to make a fortune and run away. Isn’t this type of company still rare?”

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