Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1046

Just now, Gao Qi, the marketing department director of Sunshine Group, shook his head and smiled disdainfully, as if pointing to the country, “Capital is profit-seeking. They say they are not interested in money, do you believe it?”
“These are all routines in the mall. It’s like saying that free, free things are often the most expensive.”
The words of several people seemed to be very in-depth, and the eyes of others were suddenly bright, and they had to look at each other with admiration. They had already poured tea and toasted each other with tea instead of wine.
Lin Yu really shrugged and whispered, “We are really not interested in money.”
If she only wants to make money, Lin can earn her at least 100 million a day!
Excluding that, Jiang Ning’s pocket money from time to time is more than that of Lin’s.
A salary of 20,000 yuan a month is enough for her all expenses.
“what did you say?”
A woman sitting on the side laughed when she heard Lin Yu’s truth, “I heard that right.”
She looked at Lin Yuzhen playfully. As soon as Lin Yuzhen sat down, she was watching. Holding hands with Jiang Ning, it must be a pair.
Jiang Ning is a vagrant, what about this one?
He even said that he was not interested in money.
Everyone in the family brings one, either with their own children, or with their son-in-law or daughter-in-law. Anyway, it must be the best mix in the family.
This family came here, one came two, one was a vagrant, and the other said that he was not interested in money, which was really interesting.
“They are talking about Lin, have you heard of it?”
She looked at Lin Yuzhen amusedly, “This company seems to be someone of a low level. I probably haven’t heard of it.”
Lin Yuzhen glanced at her and nodded: “You are right about this. People with low levels are indeed not qualified to hear about it. So, have you heard of it?”
As soon as the voice fell, the woman opposite her face changed suddenly and she was choked and speechless.
She originally wanted to mock Lin Yuzhen, saying that she was not interested in money, but it seemed that both of them belonged to low-level people. At this table, there was no sense of existence.
Lin Yu really choked, suddenly speechless, turned his head to drink tea awkwardly, and concealed himself.
Lin Yuzhen raised his head slightly and snorted, don’t understand Lin’s?
In this world, who else knows Lin better than himself?
She and Jiang Ning looked at each other, and for the first time, she felt so comfortable that she slapped her face.
On the stage, Gao Xin picked up the microphone and greeted a few times, “Everyone is quiet, listen to me!”
“Today, it was a gathering of classmates for 20 years after graduation. It is rare for so many people to come. I don’t think we can waste this opportunity. Let everyone try their best to bring their own children.”
“Young people can make more friends, maybe in business, and help each other!”
Gao Xin smiled and said, “Next, or, let’s invite the younger generation now to come on stage and introduce themselves from me?”
After she finished speaking, she took the lead and clapped, and the few people sitting at the table with Jiang Ning became excited, and their eyes swept across the venue. A few young and beautiful girls, I am afraid that even the names of the children have already been thought of in their hearts. Up.
“It seems that everyone’s children are a bit shy, otherwise, let me introduce my son-in-law first!”
Gao Xin squinted her eyes, waiting for this moment, but after waiting for a long time, her eyes deliberately swept across Su Mei’s face, just waiting to see her envious and jealous eyes!

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