Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1048

Su Mei looked up at her, still calm.
She beckoned gently, her indifferent appearance surprised everyone else.
Many people know that Su Mei married Lin Wen as soon as he graduated, thinking that he would be able to enter the second-rate family of the Lin family and live a good life.
Unexpectedly, Lin Wen was crippled by an accident, and his family fell into disarray. He hadn’t contacted him for more than ten years, and he didn’t know how Su Mei was doing.
Everyone sat together for so long, no one had ever asked Su Mei about the current situation.
Some are worried about poke Su Mei’s sore spots and make her feel uncomfortable, but some people are really not interested. What can be special about a person who is in the middle of a family?
Don’t look at Su Mei. She seemed to be able to dress well tonight. I don’t know how long it took to save money before buying a set of clothes.
Su Meisi ignored the eyes of the people around her, stretched out her hand and beckoned, smiled faintly, “To the uncles and aunts, introduce herself.”
Seeing Su Mei’s leisurely appearance, Jiang Ning nodded slightly, showing a little momentum.
Lin Yu really nodded, got up straight, and walked onto the stage.
“Yuzhen, introduce yourself and get to know everyone. If you need help in the future, tell auntie directly!”
Gao Xin smiled and handed the microphone to Lin Yuzhen.
Lin Yu really smiled, took the microphone, turned around, looked at everyone, she was generous!
“Hello everyone, my name is Lin Yuzhen!”
“I am the vice president and general manager of the Lin Group of East China Sea, and I am responsible for all affairs of the Lin Group!”
She just said something. Several middle-aged men beside Su Mei frowned. They seemed to be thinking about something, as if there were a few words, they were particularly sensitive.
At the young people’s table, some people reacted extremely quickly.
“Lin? Tokai Lin?”
I don’t know whose son it is, and suddenly yelled, “You are talking about the Forbidden Land in the East China Sea, the Lin Group?”
Lin Yu really nodded, “The Lin family of the East China Sea, my father Lin Wen, is the president, and the Lin family is the property of our Lin family.”
“Oh my God! Lin’s!”
“Is it Lin from Donghai?”
That couldn’t help shouting, just now he took the lead and talked about this thriving, mysterious and powerful company, and the person in charge was seated opposite him!
And the girl sitting next to Lin Yuzhen’s face suddenly turned pale.
She was full of disbelief, looking at Lin Yuzhen, she couldn’t believe it at all.
She just said that the Lin’s company needs high-level talents to know, where to know, this Lin’s is Lin Yuzhen!
In this world, who else really knows Lin’s family better than Lin Yu?
It seemed that there was a slap on her face, making her face flushed, her heart beating violently, she turned her head hurriedly, pretending to drink tea, to hide her embarrassment.
Some people around Su Mei finally remembered.
“Su Mei back then, didn’t he just marry the Lin family in Donghai, the Lin family, has he developed to this point?”
“That Lin, who stirred the situation in Shenghai, is really yours?”
“Su Mei, you are a bit unkind, why don’t you say anything, everyone is curious!”
Several people said, stood up, walked to Su Mei, rushed to pour Su Mei, “Come here, my old classmates haven’t seen each other for so many years, I toast you!”
Su Mei smiled, picked up the wine glass, and gently touched her lips, while the other party took a sip, and continued to say: “I’m doing it, just feel free to do it!”
Lin Group!
Now I don’t know how many people are curious about the Lin Group in the East China Sea, what is the origin, the limelight is too high!
Especially in the battle in the north, it was even more famous in the shopping malls.
No one would have thought that Su Mei, who was sitting next to him, was Lin’s mistress!

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