Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 105

First grabbed a piece of meat, then twisted it counterclockwise.
He took a breath, turned his head to look at Lin Yuzhen, and almost shouted out.
“Domestic violence!”
There are still people around, Jiang Ning can only use his mouth to face Lin Yuzhen.
“Huh, let you make fun of me!”
Lin Yu really ignored Jiang Ning, she wanted to be angry.
I only said this in the morning, and the company’s affairs were handed over to her. As soon as he finished speaking, Jiang Ning slapped her in the face.
Are all girls bullied? Bad guys!
But if it weren’t for Jiang Ning, Lin Yu couldn’t handle those people in the morning.
She knew that Jiang Ning would definitely make a move, so she dared to agree directly and suspend business.
But I was still unwilling.
Looking at Lin Yu’s so arrogant appearance, Jiang Ning couldn’t help being amused.
With the strength of Lin Yuzhen’s hands, he had to cooperate with a painful expression.
This time, Lin Qiang and his son stole the chicken and did not lose the rice, and the loss was not small.
Not only the tax department came to investigate, but almost every department did it again, and Lin Qiang was about to pat the table.
Fortunately, he had made preparations early and spent a lot of money to pour all the crucial dirty water on Lin Xiao’s head.
At this moment, his face was gloomy, looking at Lin Xiao, he could see Lin Xiao trembling.
“You should thank me. If I didn’t get you a stroke, you would go in now.”
Lin Qiang sneered.
He is really a beast, and even Lin Xiao is grateful to him?
“I let you live, just to help me carry the pot, can’t you think of it?”
Lin Qiang laughed, “Dad, you are still useful to the Lin family.”
After speaking, he turned and walked out.
Lin Xiao couldn’t speak, his only slightly movable hand wanted to clenched his fist and beat Lin Qiang, but he couldn’t do it.
Only two lines of regretful tears kept rolling down.
Lin Qiang walked to the hall, Lin Feng was leaning on the sofa, afraid after a while.
Almost, he went in!
“Dad, Lin Yu is really them, why is it so vicious!”
Lin Feng gritted his teeth, “What the hell is going on? Didn’t the Jin family manage everything?”
He didn’t believe that the people in the relevant departments would listen to Lin Yuzhen’s father and daughter. They didn’t have this ability.
Could it be that Jiangning?
Hmph, that neuropathy, besides being able to fight very madly, he doesn’t have this ability.
“I have asked, it is the instructions from above, and the relevant rectification actions have just been carried out recently,”
Lin Qiang scolded an swear word, “Lin Yu is really lucky for their family’s shit!”
Director Luo planted it at an untimely time, and it was precisely because of this that Lin Yuzhen and the others avoided it. On the contrary, they were unlucky.
Lin Qiang is very dissatisfied with the Jin family now, but such a big family is unreliable and not ashamed of this little network.
“In a few days, the famous doctor will come. You keep an eye on it. Once he arrives in the East China Sea, I will personally go to the provincial capital and pick up Jin Ran.”
Lin Qiang said, “As long as we help and ask a famous doctor to heal Jin Ran’s leg, the Jin family will owe us favor.”
Lin Feng said, “That famous doctor came to the Donghai No. 1 Hospital to give a lecture. It is said that he is very greedy for money. Dad, how much do we have to spend?”
Lin Qiang frowned, feeling a little distressed: “First take one million, heal two legs, it’s enough.”
Three days later.
The huge welcome banner at Donghai International Airport makes it clear that the famous doctor who came here is not an ordinary person.
Lin Feng received the news and immediately notified Lin Qiang.
Without a trace of hesitation, Lin Qiang personally voluntarily went to Jinjia, the provincial capital.
Lin Feng had prepared the money and had already found the vice president of Donghai No.1 Hospital. He wanted to use his relationship to ask the famous doctor to do it.

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