Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1054

More and more people came, and at a glance, there were already more than twenty!
These people are all in the northwestern region with faces and faces.
Gao Xin took a deep breath and did not dare to speak. She turned her head and glanced at Su Mei. Su Mei sat there calmly, as if she had been surprised by this kind of scene a long time ago.
This is a big scene!
Has she seen Su Mei?
“Mr. Jiang!”
From a distance, Mo Chenglin walked in quickly through the gate. Seeing that everyone else had arrived, he was the latest one, and a look of horror appeared on his face.
He walked quickly to Jiangning and said, “Sorry, sorry, but I came across from Tongshan City and I encountered road repairs on the road. I couldn’t make it in time. Please forgive me, Mr. Jiang!”
Fang Tang felt that his face was completely stiff!
It takes 40 minutes to drive from Tongshan City to here at the fastest. Even if it’s not fatal, it takes half an hour, right?
Mo Chenglin was able to arrive so quickly, I am afraid he is already desperate for his old life, and even has to apologize to Jiang Ning?
Fang Tang suddenly felt that he might be in trouble.
He looked at Jiang Ning. At this moment, Jiang Ning just raised his head and looked at himself. The look in his eyes made him look at Fang Tang, and his heart shook, a bad premonition suddenly came to his mind.
“Are all here?”
Jiang Ning turned his head, glanced around, looked at Mo Chenglin and others, smiled and said, “Everyone, this is the first time we have met, but I have heard your names. It is my honor to see you today.”
“Where! Mr. Jiang is polite!”
“It should be our honor!”
“Welcome to Mr. Jiang, and then to the Great Northwest region!”
Several people spoke quickly.
Mo Chenglin stood at the forefront, his face full of respect, where there was still a trace of disrespect.
“I understand. In the Northwest, there should be thirty-two people in the industry. Here, it seems to be twenty-nine.”
Jiang Ning said lightly.
Mo Chenglin immediately stepped forward: “There are three more people, I have already notified, but…”
They are not coming.
Even with his face full of disdain, he didn’t care about the so-called Jiangning at all. They just didn’t care about a foreigner.
Naturally, Mo Chenglin would not say much. Anyone who heard the wind knew that Jiang Ning could not provoke them. Those three people…
“It’s okay. I came this time just to get to know people. They didn’t come today. I will visit them another day.”
Hearing this, everyone’s complexion changed, and their hearts relaxed slightly. They knew that those three people were over.
If they didn’t arrive in time today, they would be over too!
It was the first time they saw Jiang Ning, but they felt that standing in front of this young man, they felt a sense of panic!
I can’t say why, I just stood in front of Jiang Ning and looked at his eyes. In the bottom of my heart, it was like a beast called fear, which soon awoke and roared in my heart.
After Jiang Ning finished speaking, he turned his head and looked at Fang Tang: “Fang Shao, the Great Northwest region, the only ones I know are them.”
Where can Fangtang dare to speak?
He was almost scared silly!
Hearing Jiang Ning talking to Fang Tang, Fang Yuan snorted in his heart, his face was even more uglier than eating a dead mouse, this kid…how did he provoke Jiang Ning?
“Look, do I lie?”
Fang Tang wanted to cry a little, he had to know that Jiang Ning was so powerful, and he didn’t want to come to this party if he killed him!
He could only smirk, but he dared not say a word, his legs trembled and he almost fell to the ground.
“Mr. Jiang…”
Fang Yuan wanted to explain a few words, but Jiang Ning’s eyes made him afraid to speak.
“Let everyone come over today, nothing else, just to introduce to everyone,”
He pointed to Fang Tang, “This man, he introduced himself as the future Patriarch of the Fang family. Let me introduce you. If there is a need in the future, Patriarch Fang can give you a chance.”

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