Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1057

Jiangning and his party walked out of the hotel, and a group of people saw them off behind them.
“Everyone stay.”
Su Mei smiled, “I am very happy, I can meet and chat with you today, and I have time to sit at my house in Donghai.”
“Okay, sure, sure!”
“Su Mei, pay attention to safety on the road and tell us when you arrive.”
“Yuzhen, you will take care of your mother, and we have a chance to see you again!”

After chatting for a while, Jiang Ning took Su Mei and Lin Yuzhen away.
Along the way, Su Mei smiled all over her face, laughing from time to time, and she didn’t know what she was having fun.
Jiang Ning and Lin Yuzhen looked in the rearview mirror and looked at them. They didn’t know anything and didn’t dare to ask.
“Today’s dish, what do you like to eat? Mom went back and learned to cook it for you!”
As soon as Su Mei said, Lin Yu really became jealous.
Didn’t you make a face for her?
This mother, your eccentricity is getting worse and more direct now. It was a little bit obscure before. Now you are directly in front of your own face and you don’t care about your daughter.
“As long as it’s mom’s dishes, I like to eat them and don’t pick them!”
“Good son!”
Lin Yu really didn’t speak anymore.
She took out her mobile phone, glanced at the ticket, and then at the balance in her bank card, thinking about where she could go if she ran away from home, and how long she would spend with her money.
This home has been completely occupied by Jiangning.
Humph, then she will take Jiangning!
Jiangning sent Su Mei and Lin Yuzhen back to the hotel to rest, planning to go to the orchard again in the afternoon, picking fruits, and going out.
And the other side.
As Mo Chenglin rushed home, when he arrived at the door of the house, he saw that the butler was already standing there, his face full of tension and anxiety.
“Patriarch, you are back!”
Seeing Mo Chenglin, the housekeeper almost burst into tears, and hurriedly lowered his voice, “Come on! That one, here again!”
Hearing this, Mo Chenglin’s expression changed, and immediately calmed down.
“I see, you are guarding at the door, and no one is allowed to enter Mo’s house!”
After speaking, he walked quickly towards the hall.
At this moment, in the lobby of the Mo family, ALFY pulled a chair at random and sat down, playing with his fingers boringly.
“Mr. Afei!”
Mo Chenglin hurriedly stepped forward and said, “I’m sorry to keep Mr. Afei waiting for a long time!”
He was a little apprehensive.
Jiang Ning went and returned, and A Fei, also went and returned, I’m afraid things are not that simple.
“It’s okay, you go to see my elder brother, I just wait for a day, it’s all right.”
ALFY said lightly.
Mo Chenglin was afraid to speak.
He knows exactly what A Fei is, let alone him, even if he is in the north, he dare to walk sideways!
Regardless of whether it is the above-ground circle or the underground circle, there are not many people who dare to provoke A Fei.
But he called eldest brother Jiang Ning, who is Jiang Ning, do you still need to guess?
“I just got the news that there are four wild mines in the northwestern region. Is there such a thing in the hands of three people?”
A Fei was very direct, squinting, looking at Mo Chenglin with a smile.
Mo Chenglin dared not hide it.
He has said everything he should have said, and naturally he will no longer ruin the future of the Mo family for the self-interest of others.
“Very good, is there evidence?”
Mo Chenglin was more determined this time, “I know the position.”
“Very well, you have done something.”
A Fei touched his chin and chuckled, “Patriarch Mo, I found that you are very smart. You should be a dead person now, but after making the right choice, you, Mo family, have a chance instead.”

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