Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1060

Jiang Ning immediately understood her glance.
“Go, I’m about to go.”
He said directly, “The South Island is good, then go to the South Island.”
Lin Yu was really stunned. The look she looked at Jiang Ning didn’t mean that. Where can I go?
“Money can’t be made, and work can’t be finished,”
Jiang Ning said indifferently, “We should know how to enjoy life. We have been married for a long time, and our honeymoon cannot be less.”
Is it South Island?
He lightly read these two words in his heart. This provincial legend is really powerful, and he knows where his next plan is. It’s not bad, he didn’t eat for so long in vain.
“Jiangning, company…”
“There are still so many people in the company, no problem. Besides, you forgot, the South Island still has our industry and needs to be integrated.”
He knew that Lin Yu really couldn’t let go of work. “This honeymoon is solved by the way. Isn’t it killing two birds with one stone?”
Lin Yuzhen nodded when he heard that he could still handle work.
She was actually looking forward to it in her heart.
What would it be like to spend a honeymoon with Jiangning? She felt a little embarrassed when she thought of some of the novels she had read, and the sweetness of the sections.
“I’ll make arrangements.”
After Jiang Ning finished speaking, he went out.
Su Yun rushed to Lin Yuzhen immediately, hugged her waist, acting like a baby in a frantic manner.
“Sister! South Island is beautiful! Right?”
“You must take a lot of photos to record the beautiful moments in your life, right?”
“I am a professional photographer, level 8!”
Su Yun’s eyes were pleading, “Sister, take me with you, I promise not to disturb you two, and I will concentrate on carrying your bags!”
She shook Lin Yuzhen, so Lin Yuzhen giggled.
This girl is greedy and loves to play, wouldn’t she know?
“You have to ask your brother-in-law, he agrees.”
Lin Yu was really blushing, and didn’t know what the content of this honeymoon would be. What if he brought this light bulb and affected the soul communication between the two people, that would be bad.
Su Yun didn’t care, and immediately used the effort of eighteen in his clothes. He really didn’t let go of holding Lin Yu, just like a sloth.
Lin Yuzhen was so polished that he could only surrender and repeatedly said, “Well, well, take you and take you there! But when the holiday is over, you have to come back first, and you are not allowed to miss school!”
Su Yun hugged Lin Yuzhen’s face and kissed him, “Thank you sister, you are so beautiful, kind, generous, charming and sexy… No wonder my brother-in-law loves you so much!”
Jiang Ning did not hear these adjectives.
He loves Lin Yuzhen, it is not that complicated, and it is not that simple to explain clearly with a few words.
In the villa next door to the Lin family, Ye Shan opened up a wasteland here, surrounded a place for training, and built a pavilion next to it, so he could make tea with Lin Wen here if he had nothing to do.
Seeing Jiang Ning came to find himself, Ye Shan wanted to close the door directly.
“What’s the matter?”
He frowned, always feeling that he was pitted by Jiang Ning.
Even if I pit my daughter to work for him, now I pit myself to the East China Sea.
Although it is said that it is good to eat, live and have fun, and get along well with the Lin family, in his heart, when he thinks of this kid smirking, Ye Shan feels cheated.
“Oh, there is good news, tell Uncle Ye.”
Jiang Ning smiled, “Interstellar Entertainment plans to invest more and package Qingwu so that she will enter the international circle and become a world-renowned singer!”
“As the father of Qingwu, you should be proud of her.”
However, Ye Shan didn’t pay any attention to it. The company was all Jiangning. Whether to take care of Ye Qingwu was not just a word from Jiangning.
“speak English!”
He is not polite and hums directly.

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