Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1062

“It’s not just two pages now.”
Another person hummed directly, “The latest news, the South Island, there has been a page of the whereabouts of the boxing score, Jiang Ning is currently going to the South Island to search on the grounds of his honeymoon.”
Hearing these words, several people’s eyes suddenly sharpened, staring at the person in front of them.
“The spy I placed is hidden by his side, absolutely reliable!”
Regarding the placement of spies and obtaining information, Shiba Shou in front of him is an absolute expert. His ancestors have done this for several generations. Now that he has entered the hidden gate, he has given full play to his advantages.
Without waiting for a few people to continue talking, a figure flashed past like the wind.
“I have seen the second messenger!”
Several people immediately shouted respectfully.
Today, the rest of the envoys from the top and bottom of the hidden gate have all arrived.
Except for the dead first messenger Pang Feiyan, the three messengers Yanru, the five messengers Long Xiang, the six messengers are always in Yuan, and the ten messengers Guo Meng, the rest are all here today.
Pang Feiyan fell, and now, as the second messenger, Yantang has the highest natural status!
He nodded lightly and glanced around: “I have seen the Lord.”
“How did he say?”
The four messengers Zheng Qiankun said indifferently, “Do you still refuse to do it?”
Everyone stared at Yantang.
They couldn’t bear it anymore, and their eyes were full of dissatisfaction.
Obviously the boxing score is right in front of him, but the master repeatedly refused to do anything to Jiang Ning, but gave no reason, only saying that the time was not yet.
When will it be counted?
If Jiangning can’t control the boxing score, then they don’t care at all. Even if Jiangning gets a few more pages of the boxing score, they won’t care about it, so they should keep it in Jiangning.
But now?
It only took Jiang Ning a few days to control the second page of the boxing score he got!
Who would dare to leave Jiang Ning alone and let Jiang Ning get more boxing scores. They still want to get boxing scores from Jiangning in the future?
Jiangning is terrible!
Not only is the strength terrible, but the talent is even more daunting.
Let Jiang Ning continue like this, things will be even more troublesome. They want to do it right away, taking advantage of Jiang Ning’s current strength is not enough to make them helpless, and try their best to kill him and regain the boxing score!
But the Lord, still refused.
“The Lord, let me tell you that his command will not act on Jiang Ning for now.
Yan Tang said lightly.
“Listen to him?”
The eighth messenger chased his life and couldn’t help but sneer, “The Lord himself got two pages of boxing scores. Of course he doesn’t matter, but everyone joined the Hidden Gate for the same purpose of getting the boxing scores. The map was not really for him Lord, work hard!”
“He doesn’t care, but what about everyone?”
“Yes, several messengers are already dead, and even two are dead in the hands of the Lord. When did he treat us as human beings?”
The ninth messenger Shi Poshou said sternly, “The seventh messenger, in order to help him chase the fist sheet, he was not killed by Jiang Ning, but the Lord himself killed him. What is this?”
“What does he take our lives!”
Several messengers were angry, and the emotions that had been suppressed for too long apparently broke out at this moment.
In particular, the news came that Jiang Ning had taken control of the moves on the second page in a very short time, making them even more jealous, and also a little anxious.
Yantang looked at several people, his eyes still calm.
“I’m just in charge of spreading the message. I can’t control what you want to do.”
He said lightly, “I only remind you, all consequences are at your own risk.”

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