Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1066

She looked at the steaming heat from the window, and the powerful gluttons got up, “It smells so good!”
Not only him, but the tourists who came all the way are a bit hungry at the moment, smelling the fragrance, can’t help it.
“Boss, how much is it?”
Su Yun took out his wallet and asked quickly.
She still has a small amount of money for telecommunications, and she can’t always eat the big money like Jiangning.
“Two hundred and sixty one bowl.”
The waiter at the window, expressionless, said lightly while cooking.
“How many?”
Su Yun, who was still paying, was stunned, suddenly raised his head to look at the waiter, and asked again, “How much do you mean for this bowl of noodles?”
“Two hundred and six! Eat if you like, or leave if you don’t!”
Instead, the waiter’s voice became louder, and he looked up and looked at the other people who wanted to eat, “A bowl of two hundred and six, if you want to eat, pay first!”
A group of tourists were stunned.
A bowl of noodles, two hundred and six?
What a joke!
Noodles made of what kind of material are so expensive.
It’s not that they haven’t eaten in the service area, they have never seen such an expensive one. Several people who still wanted to eat directly shook their heads, turned around and left, and couldn’t help but ridicule.
“Two hundred and six? So expensive, do you think you are a five-star chef?”
“It’s too expensive. The lion speaks loudly and shouts the price. No one cares?”
“What kind of noodle is made of gold? Don’t eat it, don’t eat it.”

The waiter listened to those people complaining, still expressionless: “Limited supply every day, first-come, first-served, there will be no more when it is late.”
He said so, but few people went to order.
What a joke, everyone is not a fool, even if you have money, you will not be a pig slaughter in vain. The price is obviously unreasonable.
“Forget it, wait until you arrive at the hotel to eat. Is it possible that the food in the hotel is not as delicious as this one?”
“Get in the car when you go to the toilet, go to the hotel early.”
“Let’s go, don’t eat this noodle.”

Su Yun watched the tourists walk away and put away their wallets.
It was not easy for her to save some money, this bowl of noodles, but it would cost her a week of living expenses, she was not willing to kill her.
“It’s so expensive! Why don’t you grab it!”
The provincial legend was a little dissatisfied, muttering, “Black shop!”
After speaking, she turned around and left, ready to be like everyone else. When she arrived at the hotel, she went to eat Jiangning and the others.
No one orders the food, and the service industry is not in a hurry. He is still casually cooking the noodles slowly. It seems that the noodles he cooks can be sold.
Jiang Ning didn’t really speak to Lin Yu.
The price on this side is definitely unreasonable. No one cares about it. This tour guide named Wang Quan also deliberately brought them here. Obviously there is a problem.
“Look at the situation.”
Jiangning Road.
Lin Yu really didn’t say anything, but her face was already a bit ugly. Just when she arrived in the South Island, this company gave her a very bad impression.
“What are you talking about, the car is broken? How could it be broken, it was fine just now!”
“What are you kidding me? How could the car break when I first came to the South Island and I was so unlucky?”
Several people were standing in front of the car door, but Wang Quan stopped them with an expression of embarrassment and helplessness.
“I’m sorry, there is something wrong with the car, do you think the driver is repairing it? I hope everyone understands that the advanced service area takes a rest. After the car is repaired, I will take everyone to the hotel immediately!”
After the bus, the driver pretended to open the cover, took a wrench and looked left and right, and concentrated on repairing the car.
This repair took more than an hour. Almost everyone was hungry, and even heard that many people’s stomachs were already groaning with hunger.
The scent of the windows in the service area irritated everyone and made people’s eyes glow.
“Don’t eat it? Hungry, you all smell good when you eat shit!”
Wang Quan looked at these tourists and snorted coldly, “This car money bag can earn a lot of rebates, hehe!”

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