Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1069

The bus quickly reached the booked hotel, and everyone got off in an orderly manner.
Jiang Ning walked to the door of the car, Wang Quan laughed: “Brother, this is the first time you are in the South Island?”
Jiang Ning nodded.
“This place will impress you.”
Wang Quan smiled and said.
Jiang Ning looked at him with the same smile: “I also hope, don’t let me down.”
After speaking, Jiang Ning took Lin Yuzhen and others into the hotel to settle down.
Wang Quan looked at Jiang Ning’s back and snorted coldly, and the cold on his face flashed past.
Jiang Ning several people went upstairs and entered the room, Su Yun threw himself on the bed, almost limp there.
“It’s so big, so soft, and so comfortable bed!”
Lin Yu really smiled, ignoring her, packing her luggage.
“Your room is next door.”
Jiang Ning rolled his eyes, “Go over and settle down, ready to go down to eat.”
After he finished speaking, he shook his hand, and the whole quilt was like a wave, tumbling, directly bounced Su Yun up, and stood up accurately.
This hand operation made Su Yun suddenly shocked.
“Brother-in-law, how did you do it?”
Su Yun blinked, his face full of curiosity.
“Want to learn?”
Su Yun nodded repeatedly.
“Pay tuition.”
Jiang Ning gave her a white look, and as expected, Su Yun immediately turned around and left.
It is impossible to kill her directly if she is a little money fan.
Su Yun and Gou lived in the rooms on both sides of Jiangning. The two went to pack their luggage, while Jiangning was sorting the quilt while watching Lin Yuzhen, who was sitting there, writing and painting.
“Wife, just started working?”
“I think the problem here is not small.”
Lin Yu really didn’t look up.
I can see the leopard in the tube. A tour guide has a problem, and it is definitely not just a personal problem. Lin Yu really knows that if other people do not, then this Wang Quan would definitely not dare to do so.
She didn’t expect that the problem was discovered as soon as she came, and it seemed that the problem was not small.
“If you have any problems, solve them,”
Jiang Ning doesn’t care, “Or, the person who solves the problem.”
These are the two most direct methods. It can be said that the medicine will cure the disease.
Lin Yuzhen wrote and read some words at the same time.
“The travel company is called Meng Tianya. This name is fine, so there is no need to change it. General Manager Fang Suo, Ling’er said that this person still has some abilities. I don’t know what his character is, so let’s examine it first.”
“The company’s management style… has to be adjusted, and the quality of the employees is cultivated. This is the key point.”
She muttered words, like a primary school student doing homework.
I am afraid that no one else understands the records in the notebook except for herself.
Jiang Ning didn’t bother her, packed up her things, and sat quietly, watching Lin Yu seriously write the plan. He knew that this was Lin Yu’s habit, and it was not good to disturb her when thinking seriously.
Lin Yu’s stomach rang.
She rubbed her belly with a hint of apology on her face, as if thinking of something, “Are you hungry?”
Jiang Ning was a little bit dumbfounded. It was because your stomach rang. You asked me if I was hungry?
“I’m not hungry, you continue.”
He whispered softly.
Lin Yu really bit her lip: “Then…Is that I was hungry?”
“Guess so.”
Lin Yu really quickly put away her notebook and changed her clothes.
She opened the door, Su Yun squatted there, looking up at her with aggrieved face, almost crying.
“Sister, are you done?”

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