Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1072

He didn’t finish his words, a security guard stepped forward and slapped him directly on the face, knocked him to the ground, and stepped on it again.
“Buy or not?”
The security guard shouted angrily, “Still complaining? I have been here for a few years, but no one can complain successfully! You try?”
The tourist who fell on the ground was dizzy and wanted to stand up, but was kicked by the security guard, and his face turned pale with pain.
Other tourists around suddenly changed their faces.
This is a fucking black shop!
In broad daylight, is there such a black shop?
The black shop next to the scenic spot?
“Buy! Buy! I buy!”
The tourist who was beaten screamed again and again. He couldn’t help but waved his hand and shouted, “I’ll buy it now, don’t beat it!”
The security guard took his foot, lifted him up with one hand, and pushed him to the cashier at the door: “Pay!”
After speaking, he raised his head and scanned the people in the shop, his fierce eyes suddenly made people tremble.
The two security guards at the door are like door gods.
People who do not consume in the store should not even want to get out of this door!
Lin Yuzhen bit her lip, her body trembling slightly with anger, but Jiang Ning frowned slightly. He didn’t expect that in broad daylight, anyone would dare to rob?
Is it still such a blatant robbery, no one cares!
“Miss, I advise you to pay, otherwise in case you get beaten up, you will have to spend more money.”
The waiter said with a gleeful expression, “I buy it now, it’s only three thousand and five, buy more, and I can give you a discount.”
Several other tourists were also forced to pay for things, but they were all daring not to speak.
“Not buying!”
Lin Yuzhen said firmly, “In broad daylight, do you still want to buy and sell? You are illegal!”
She pushed the waiter away and walked directly to the door: “I want to call the police!”
She was so angry that she had never seen anything like this before.
In broad daylight, dare to do this, trap people in the store and not let them leave if they don’t buy things?
Lin Yuzhen had previously seen this in the news in the past when traveling abroad, bullying tourists for being unfamiliar with the place, but this is not a foreign country!
As soon as she walked to the door, two security guards stood in front of her, like two mountains!
One of the security guards sneered, “Did you not see the boy’s end just now?”
Lin Yu was really polite, “So what? What you did is wrong! It’s illegal!”
“Haha, wrong?”
The other security guard smiled a little contemptuously. In the tourism industry circle of the South Island, this is correct!
Over the years, everyone has been doing this, even if the reputation is not good, there are still a large number of tourists coming every year, not just to see the unique scenery of the South Island?
In their circles, there is a saying that when a dog is hungry, he will come back to find shit to eat!
“Seeing that you look good, why isn’t your brain bright?”
The security guard said, “I don’t want to slap your face and swell your face, obediently pay and leave, otherwise I will do it, regardless of man or woman!”
“I will not pay, and I will definitely complain to you and punish you!”
Lin Yu really did not give in.
Wrong is wrong. These people have done wrong and dare to be so strong. Who gave them the courage?
Hearing this, the two security guards’ faces sank.
They just killed the chickens and warned the monkeys and gave these tourists off guard. Lin Yu really immediately stood up and resisted. Does this think they are just acting?
“Things that don’t have eyes!”
One of the security guards snorted disdainfully, slapped his hand and slapped Lin Yuzhen in the face.
Crisp and loud!
However, this slap was not on Lin Yuzhen’s face, but on the face of the security guard. In a short time, the bright red five-fingerprint was engraved on his face.
“Indeed, you really don’t have eyes long!”
Jiang Ning said lightly.

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