Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1075

Upon hearing this, Wang Quan’s face suddenly changed.
He saw with his own eyes that the security guard was kicked out by Jiang Ning!
“You, what do you want to do?”
Wang Quan said loudly, “In broad daylight, do you dare to hit people?”
After he finished speaking, he felt like he was talking nonsense. Just now Jiang Ning cleaned up the security guard, and his fierce appearance was still vivid.
Before he could take a step back, Jiang Ning had already slapped his face and responded to Wang Quan’s question.
“you you!”
Wang Quan covered his face, embarrassed and angry, Jiang Ning actually hit himself in front of so many people.
He wanted to say something, even wanted to ask for help, but the eyes of the tourists around him looked at him, not only indifferent, but also a kind of fun!
They all hate themselves!
I feel like I pitted them!
“From the moment we picked up at the airport, you just used us as money bags?”
Jiang Ning stared at Wang Quan, “As a tour guide, I don’t lead the group with due diligence and do my job well. I always want to slaughter tourists. Do you really think I don’t know?”
“Next, are you going to take us to other places, forcing us to buy things at sky-high prices, and slaughter tourists?”
Jiang Ning asked sharply, Wang Quan blushed and couldn’t say a word.
“Through the identity of the tour guide, you have been deceived and deceived. Are you still a human being!”
“Your behavior is not just a mistake, it is a crime!”
Every sentence of Jiang Ning was like acupuncture, piercing Wang Quan’s heart fiercely, making him afraid to respond.
Jiang Ning even dared to fight the two security guards, didn’t he dare to attack him?
The surrounding tourists also pointed and pointed, and their faces were full of anger.
Today, if Jiang Ning were not there, all of them would have been pitted, especially the tourist who was beaten, wishing to rush forward and kick Wang Quan severely.
“It’s too much, how can this be done, and treat us as pigs!”
“You must complain to him!”
“Yes! He has to pay the price!”

A group of tourists can’t wait to swallow Wang Quan alive!
Wang Quan’s face turned pale, standing there didn’t dare to say anything at all.
Jiang Ning turned his head and looked at Lin Yuzhen: “Did you call it?”
“Already called, we will be there soon.”
Lin Yuzhen’s face was equally angry.
Because, the Wang Quan in front of him, by all accounts, is her Lin’s employee!
Doing such a thing not only abandons Lin’s corporate culture, but also a bad thing.
She does not allow Lin to have such employees.
Soon, a black car galloped in.
A tall man hurried over.
He lifted his glasses and glanced around, his eyes immediately fell on Lin Yuzhen. Fang Suo had seen her picture in the company profile.
“Mr. Lin!”
Fang Suo quickly said, “I don’t know Mr. Lin has already arrived in the South Island, I should arrange someone to pick him up!”
The company is going to be handed over, whether he can stay and continue to be the manager, that really gave Lin Yu the first impression, but it was very important.
Fang Suo didn’t want to be unemployed, because he lost his job in the South Island and wanted to find another job.
“Didn’t you have arranged it.”
Lin Yuzhen looked at Fang Suo, “Moreover, the hospitality was pretty good.”
She pointed to Wang Quan.
“Is this one of Manager Fang’s capable people?”
Fang Suo’s body trembled.
“no no!”
He waved his hand quickly.
When Wang Quan heard this, his face suddenly became even more ugly. He did not have anything to do with Fang Suo, but Fang Suo’s eagerness to disentangle the relationship was enough to prove that Jiang Ning and Lin Yuzhen were not something he could provoke.
How did he know that the tourists in this group would have their own company boss!
“President Fang, I…I don’t know!”
Wang Quan hurriedly said, “I didn’t know they were our company…”

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