Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1077

This is Lin Yu’s real charm, something that can’t be said clearly.
Lin Yuzhen immediately asked Fang Suo to arrange for someone to send the tourists back to the hotel to rest, while she and Jiang Ning followed Fang Suo back to the Mengtianya Tourism Company.
The company is not large, and the total number of employees is only more than a hundred people.
“Resigned a lot.”
Fang Suo smiled embarrassedly, and pointed to the empty positions, “It’s not easy to be confused in this business now.”
Jiang Ning just glanced and said nothing.
“Bring the information you prepared.”
Lin Yuzhen said directly.
She and Jiang Ning sat on the sofa, Fangsuo immediately asked people to make tea, and asked the various departments to send over the materials they had prepared.
“Mr. Lin, our company is currently in a state of loss, and there are more employees leaving, and there is nothing we can do,”
Fang Suo explained, “The tourism industry in the South Island is not doing well now…”
“So the tour guides need to cooperate with the black shop in order to make money to support the family?”
Jiang Ning interrupted Fang Suo’s words directly, with a somewhat mocking tone.
“What you mean is that you can do bad things for the sake of money, so what do you need to do with the law?”
Fang Suo smiled and shook his head again and again.
“Mr. Jiang, I didn’t mean that…”
He looked helpless and embarrassed, “But everyone has no food, what should I do?”
If you don’t have enough food, you can do harm to others. This is a good reason.
Lin Yu really didn’t care what the party said, and looked at the data report carefully.
But Jiang Ning stared at Fangsuo, seeing Fangsuo’s heart fluttering.
This man had just hit the two security guards, he already knew.
That’s Nan Batian’s person!
“What should I do, shouldn’t it be you, the manager, that needs to think about it?”
Jiang Ning was not at all polite, “If you can’t solve this problem, then you can leave.”
“What the company needs are capable people, not people who occupy positions but do nothing.”
The company in front of me has chaotic management, let alone any corporate culture.
Jiang Ning has been observing since he walked in. The employees in the office were either playing mobile phones or chatting, and there were even people who watched movies with melon seeds.
What can the company be managed with such a working atmosphere?
Jiang Ning simply doesn’t like this kind of small-scale company. If it weren’t for the part of the old Zhao intelligence network, he wouldn’t care about it at all.
How much is it worth?
“Mr. Jiang!”
Fang Suo was anxious as soon as he heard it, and hurriedly said, “Please give me a chance, I…I will definitely do it! I will definitely do it!”
Jiang Ning snorted and said nothing.
Fang Suo could only smirk and dared not say anything, the atmosphere suddenly became serious.
Lin Yu really looked at it for a while, frowning deeper and deeper, and even a little angry in her eyes.
After a while, she slapped the report in her hand on the table and looked at Fang Suo angrily.
“Mr. Lin…”
Fang Suo panicked.
“Manager Fang, I want to ask you a question. All financial statements contain a reserve fund. The amount is huge, and it may even account for more than half of the current month’s turnover. What did you use this reserve fund for? ”
How could Lin Yu really not be angry?
This reserve fund is the biggest problem for the company to lose money!
Everyone pays a sum, and only records it as a reserve fund. There is no explanation at all about the specific use.
The amount of the reserve fund alone accounts for half of the cost. Coupled with the company’s rent, water and electricity properties, and employee salaries, the company can still be profitable.
Listening to Lin Yuzhen’s questioning tone, Fang Suo immediately stood up with a serious expression, and explained again and again: “Mr. Lin! It’s not me! I’m not greedy! I didn’t use the company’s money!”

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