Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1079

Lin Yu really has absolute confidence in her husband!
Is there anyone in this world who is more difficult to provoke than Jiang Ning?
Looking at the pair of men in front of him, Fang Suo was stunned. He asked very much, are these two people the so-called celestial couple?
A strong self-confidence to the extreme, a gentle trust, worship to the blind.
But Nan Batian is really no ordinary person. For so many years, how many people in the South Island want to bring him down, but no one has ever succeeded.
There are even rumors that some families from the north wanted to cooperate with Nan Batian, but Nan Batian broke his leg and threw it directly into the sea to feed the fish!
He is famous for his arrogance and domineering.
“Mr. Lin…”
Fang Suo’s Adam’s apple slipped and wanted to persuade him.
“You just need to do your own thing.”
Lin Yuzhen said directly, too lazy to talk nonsense with him.
Jiang Ning said that there is no problem, then there must be no problem.
Fang Suo nodded and didn’t say anything, even if he was still worried about Jiang Ning and the others.
According to Lin Yuzhen’s instructions, he immediately went to make preparations for the handover of the company.
But Jiang Ning took Lin Yuzhen out of the company. At the door, Chu Men had been waiting there for a long time.
“Mr. Jiang!”
Seeing Jiang Ning coming out, Chu Men hurriedly stepped forward and chuckled, “I have already shut down all the black shops in accordance with Mr. Jiang’s instructions. I will listen to Mr. Jiang’s advice on what to do next!”
Jiang Ning glanced at him.
“Go and discuss with your superiors, what to do, don’t you have any points in your heart for so many years?”
After going out, he smirked and dared not say anything.
“Remember, when you are in this position, do what you should do in this position, otherwise, just retreat by yourself and don’t let me do it!”
After speaking, Jiang Ning left directly with Lin Yuzhen.
At the same time, in the hotel.
Su Yun lay on the bed and let out a long breath.
“It’s not good for the stomach and intestines if I can’t eat so full at noon from now on.”
She has said this sentence to herself at least three hundred times, but there has never been another time.
She rubbed her belly and felt that she was almost digested, so she bounced off the bed, ready to call Lin Yuzhen and ask them where they went to play.
But as soon as I picked up the phone, the number has not been dialed, the door of the room was suddenly kicked open!
The door of the room opened suddenly, and Su Yun was shocked and couldn’t help screaming.
Su Yun’s mobile phones fell to the ground, looking up at the four or five people who broke in, and shouted, “Who are you guys!”
She is still calm, she is a legend in the provincial capital anyway, but she is not that easy to panic.
But looking at a few men with fierce faces, she was still a little scared in her heart.
She is a weak woman, how can she deal with these strong people!
“You messed with the wrong person!”
One of them coldly said, shaking his hand, someone immediately came forward to catch Su Yun, “take it away, teach them a lesson!”
Su Yun was even more alarmed.
“Help! Help!”
She yelled, backed away, and looked around in a panic, trying to see if there was something that could be used as a weapon.
But even with weapons, who can she beat?
“When you arrive in the South Island, you don’t even look at whose site this is. Even our people dare to fight. If you don’t kill you girl today, you don’t know what the name of this South Island is!”
The faces of several people were full of fierceness, and they rushed towards Su Yun directly.
In the South Island, it is easy for them to check a person’s companion and address.

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